Sunday 3 March 2019

An excellent weekends gaming

This weekend saw my travel up to Scotland for my first game of the year at Charles Grants.
As usual my opponent was John Dougan and on this occasion Charles managed to get involved.

The game was part 1 of the Battle of Wilhelmstahl, part 2 to be fought in May.
Only a couple of teaser photos as the game will feature in Charles' next refighting. History books


This was taken at the end of Saturday's fighting with a lot more to happen on the Sunday.
It was another hard fought action with some real challenges.
As usual the evening was spent discussing our wargaming lives 🤣 Yet more plans for Crann Tara and a discussion around Ferdinand of Brunswick compared to Frederick. My own view being that Ferdinand was a better General than Frederick, he was normally outnumbered had to command an army of diverse nationalities and generally took the offensive.
At least that's my thoughts.

For those that want to know more -


StuartInsch said...

Look forward to reading and seeing the whole shebang. Looks like it was fun.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Do you have any pictures of Charles' entire game room? I'd love to see what his game room looks like.

Martin said...

There are no words in the English language that can adequately express how envious I am... you lucky so-and-so! I'll be looking forward to adding the book to my "Grant" wing of my wargaming library when it's available. Some photos of Mr. Grant's wargaming room would be greatly appreciated!

Graham C said...

You and me both 😀
I will see what I can do it's certainly not as spacious as your set up Jim but it has an atmosphere that is hard to describe. They are always good weekends and John and I always play the rules in the spirit they are meant - especially written orders which can cause us problems as we see our troops marching off to where we don't want them and there is a flurry of order writing and ADC's being dispatched.
Martin I do count myself as being very lucky but just think of all that stress I'm under to make sure we get a decent battle to write up in one take 🤣

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting the pictures Graham. Looks great as always. Really looking forward to the book coming out. As for Ferdinand over Frederick, I'd go with Ferdinand too as he commanded a coalition army, so much more difficult than Frederick with just his Prussians. See you at Salute. Simon