Wednesday 28 March 2018

A little bit more rationalisation

I returned on Sunday from a most excellent weekend at Charles Grant fighting the Battle of Warburg my opponent being John Dougan.
Now of course I forgot my camera so I can't tease you with what an excellent game it was, sufficient to say it keeps the 18th century flame burning bright.

As a result I've decided to shelve some more projects and get rid.
First up is some of the excllent Claymore castings - I started this as a Lion Rampant army - haven't finished it and bought enough figures for about 4 armies!!!

I haven't sorted the unpainted out but I have a Schiltron and some Islemen decently painted.
If any one is interested let me know before they go on ebay at the weekend

There's 42 figures in the schiltron - £150 including UK postage and 11 Islemen £45 incl. UK postage
Overseas postage is at cost.
On the painting front things have slowed down as preparation for Salute takes priority.

Sunday 11 March 2018

On the bench

Just a short post, I've mainly been finishing off the 12 highlanders ( now gloss varnished) who await more colleagues before basing and matt varnish being applied.

I've also converted some Officers for one of my customers who wanted figures for his imagi-nation so mounted and foot Officers for the grenadiers of Arcadia. ( I quite like the mounted officer may do some for my British Grenadiers)

I converted some more highlanders and had a few cast by Griffin three of them are now on the bench waiing to be worked upon.
Off camera are some 15mm Romans, realised all the time saved is taken up fitting 15mm transfers to their shields!! Will show the finished pieces next week.

Sunday 4 March 2018

I'm Back - random shots

Well I came back and just got home before the airport was closed. However coming from 28c to minus whatever resulted in me getting hit with a bad chest infection.

So not much on the painting front but quite a bit done in preparing stock for Salute and in receiving quite a lot of new stuff from Griffin so check the Crann Tara blog.

On the paint bench are some highlanders and some 15mm ancients photos next week but in the mean time in terms of eye candy bits and pieces from the past.