Friday 30 July 2021

Few books for sale

 Whilst sorting book shelves yesterday pulled a few pieces out that are not going to be used in any projects now.

Prices exclude postage which will be charged at cost.

Thegn book £3

All Honour is lost £10

WRG rules no QRS £5

Osprey Armies of First Carlist War £5

The First Carlist War guide £10.

Just message me if you’re interested in any.

Wednesday 21 July 2021

Barrage Miniatures modular terrain part 2

 A little later than promised but I set a 6’x4’ table out using the box of terrain I bought in the recent Kickstarter.

Still learning how to use this terrain effectively but I think it has loads of potential and I believe Carla is going to make some larger green/grassy areas which will  prove extremely useful.

I hope these pictures just show a little of what can be achieved and how effective it can look.

Sunday 18 July 2021

Sunday paint desk

 In between the heat and the gardening managed to get a few pieces moved on, the 25th Sempils Foot were based and textured as were another 6 Georgia scouts.

So a big push on the Government army for the 45 is underway

Of course I also started on the Ratnik civilians trying to keep colours muted for the majority but really enjoying painting them.

I’ve also been playing around with the Battleground terrain and shall put some photos up later.

Keep safe

Thursday 8 July 2021

Modular Terrain

 Earlier this year I took the plunge and backed Barrage Miniatures Kickstarter for modular terrain

The pre coloured mats looked very interesting and I believed would be ideal for my French Indian War set up.

End of June box arrived and apart from checking contents it wasn’t until today have been to get a proper look. I still won’t have time to set up properly until after the 13th July when I’ve completed the physical transfer of stock and moulds to Caliver.

Within the Kickstarter I order the large river mat this is cloth backed and Carla at Battleground has demonstrated that you can just iron the creases out ( not tried that yet)

I like the colour !

The terrain pieces are various sizes and shapes, I bought a mix of green, sand and forest floor they’re made of what I think is thin latex rubber and are therefore extremely flexible.

You also get some smaller pieces that can serve as river banks, to create the board you simply overlap the pieces to get the desired effect, for hills Carla uses car litter in socks! I shall be using the Chinchilla sand in small bags.

I just threw a few pieces down on the dining table to give you an idea of the effect

I need a little practice but I like the effect and I think it has a lot of potential, I bought enough pieces to easily cover a 6x4.
Next week I shall try and set up a table.