Tuesday, 21 January 2020

This War Without an Enemy

Steve and I dabbling with doing some ECW !!! and were discussing a campaign system, now it's not often I point people to purchases etc but this Kickstarter looks interesting and the graphics are nice etc.
It may adapt very nicely to a campaign for figures.

It's only running two weeks but for those ECW enthusiasts maybe worth a check?

Monday, 20 January 2020

Workbench cornucopia

As is my usual m.o. I keep my interest and mojo! going by doing a variety of projects so since New Year I've spent some time doing 3d printing -
In 15mm the Hummelbaugh farm from Gettysburg, and some Viking Longboats

In 28mm I've started printing the Trostle House from Gettysburg. I'm also determined to finish the Jacobite rebellion project this year so I'm back to painting Highlanders.

I also couldn't resist trying some of museum miniatures new 15mm Z range Greek hoplites - these guys are computer designed, moulded and cast in metal. They are lovely to say the least I also got a few Indians to add to my army - excellent.
Couldn't resist doing them as Spartans in homage to the original 300 Spartans movie 😀

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Happy New Year - Let's keep moving forward

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you have all had a decent festive break and that this year is kind to you all.

I know a lot of  people tend to look back at what they've achieved or not and whilst it's important to always know where we've come from and how we got here, I tend to think that looking forward is where the time should be spent!

If I started looking back I'd only get worked up on what I didn't do anyway 🤣

My main priority for this year has to be finishing the Jacobite project, I need to finish the forces for Culloden and add some individually based units for some of the smaller actions I intend to fight.

Charles Grants forthcoming book on small actions of the Seven Years War will see me painting Freikorps, Hussars etc to fight these actions and it will be nice to see some of the exotic and colourful pieces get a real purpose.

This year will also see me take Crann Tara full on itnomthe French Indian War and I would really like to try and paint these units as they are made, with the forthcoming release of  the second edition of musket and tomahawks I'm really looking forward to getting back into this - but on this occasion using my own figures 😀

As you are aware I've spent the last few years disposing of large chunks of my 28mm collections and terrain partly as an exercise in refocusing and reducing the number of periods etc I play.

I aim to continue painting the 15mm Ancients, War of 1812 and ACW as side shows - with the exception of the Ancient- I'm painting figures for set battles/scenarios and upon completion will move onto the next ( eating the elephant) (can I still say that?)

I would also like to find some more time to getting back to some board gaming - I have a pretty good collection of games and they can provide a nice diversion to figure gaming.

I the meantime here's a couple of pics of pieces that I've finished basing.
The Austrians are a full battalion of resin printed figures - that includes the Mounted Officer - they've painted up ok I think.

Then there's the dismounted Languedoc Dragoons - the horse holders are on the bench. These chaps will be seeing action shortly!

Friday, 27 December 2019

Seasons Greetings - Those were the years.

Well I hope you have all had an enjoyable festive break, I had hoped to get a couple of posts in before but many things prevented it.

My daughter requested a couple of photos of herself when she was little to show her daughters and whilst sorting I found a pile of photos of all the demo games I have put on over the years with Gordon and Lee - I don't intend to bore you with them all but selected a few pics at random.
All of the games bring back fond memories for one reason or the other and I can honestly say that all the collections featured have gone - some pieces to the far corners of the world!

Regrets ? none - the armies were painted and built for a reason and saw good service and provided much enjoyment but I could see no reason to horde for the sake of it. For example the War of the Roses collection after being used for Stoke |Filed in 1987 sat in their boxes for almost 13 years before I decide to sell.
Any way without further ado.

First up out very first demo game Marston Moor in 15mm using Minifigs and Peter Laing (the minifigs were the originals on strips!) Must have been late 70's - I had to go to work for four hours 6-10 and dad got up when I went to work to finish flocking the figures bases!
All the figures were painted by me and terrain by Gordon
Next up a few pics from our Battler of the Boyne game at the Sheffield Triples can't remember the year.
Then there were a couple of impressive pieces Gordon did one was our take on the Charles Grant Scenario of the Romans crossing the Rhine and the other was a Medieval siege

Possibly one of my favourites an Indian Mutiny game we cobbled together for one of the Warcon weekends - great show and this was the games only outing

Finally a couple of pics of the afore mentioned War of the Roses Battle of Stoke Field at Partizan in 1987. We started with Bosworth in 1985, then Tewkesbury and finished with Stoke.
That's a pretty impressive number of figures painted over the years by Lee and I!!!
But no regrets just good memories.
I have noticed on quite a few blogs some of us oldies talking about focus, getting rid of some of the lead etc. as most of you know I've been doing that for some time and pretty much all the 28's other than my own range have gone..
doesn't stop me dabbling ass I dip my toe into a few periods in 15mm but the key is to focus on a main project to completion something I doubt I will ever learn :)

Can I wish you all the Best wishes for 2020 and may your dice always roll high ( unless you really need a one)

Thursday, 5 December 2019

On the table

Whilst I haven't made it to the paint desk I'm seizing the opportunity to catch up on lots of minor tasks.
Today it's basing the dismounted Languedoc Dragoons. I really like these figures 😀 And Steve Allen has done a nice job on the painting.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to start on the horses for the next two squadrons of the Saxon Cuirassiers.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Small ! Disruption to service.

Apologies for the quiet spell this has been largely due to an unforeseen turn of events - when we lost our last dog in August my wife went to great lengths to explain to me how we should take a time out, maybe a year or two before we considered another dog and if we did it had to be small as she wasn't used to large dogs!
Meet Oscar

A 6-8 month old 
Romanian Mountain shepherd dog. !  He's not a small dog and I don't think a year or so has passed but he's a rescue dog which my wife fell in love with and told me we had to have him.
Considering how badly he's been treat he's settled in really well and is responding to training just he's my shadow and at the moment he has declined to follow me to the loft where the paint table is!

Other than that last weekend was the Battleground show at Stockton - organised by Leon from Pendraken miniatures the show has gone from strength to strength and certainly punches above its weight. I was trading sodidnt really get a good look around but everyone seems to have had a good time. For more informative reports visit the Grimsby Wargaming blog or Colin's   Carryings on up the dale blog.

Having said that a couple of pics I took and it was also nice to see the return of Jaclex miniatures- I'd forgotten how nice they looked in their simpleness of design. '

Finally since I'm unable to get to the paint table then I've been putting transfers on the shields of my 15mm Macedonian pikemen 48 bases down 8 to go! This is a real pain hence the delay in putting off - but I guess it's better than painting them!

Sunday, 17 November 2019

A weekends wargaming - Mollwitz

I've just returned from a most excellent weekend at Charles Grants residence. As usual Charles and his wife Liz are most excellent hosts and as well as the game Saturday night was spent putting the wargaming world to right and reviewing where Crann Tara miniatures go next year!

On to the game - on this occasion neither John Dougan or I had any idea what game we were playing, I have to admit I anticipated fighting a couple of small actions, so it was a most pleasant surprise to discover we were to refight Mollwitz. Next to Fontenoy this is a battle I've always wanted to do and as I said to Charles the original game in his fathers book The Wargame provided me with so much inspiration.
In all my previous engagements whenever I have been the Prussians then I think it's fair to say Frederick has been far from Great 😀 Could I redeem myself?
A very hard fought game, on this occasion the Prussian cavalry on the right flank ably supported by two converged Grenadier battalions ( one did break early on) advanced against the superior Austrian horse and managed to prevent them deploying their strength with the result that whilst the Prussian Cuirassiers fell in droves the Dragoons and Hussars managed to hold the enemy and the Grenadiers managed to provide limited fire support causing a steady attrition on the enemy.
The Austrian foot despite being outclassed in their fire drill stood toe to toe against the Prussians for a considerable period of time but it was at a cost Officer casualties were high causing units to break .
An excellent game and one in which I gave Frederick his first victory - and yes he stayed on the battlefield.
Below in no specific order are some pictures of the game.