Saturday, 10 April 2021

Playing with boats

 As part of my French Indian War range  Martin at Warbases very kindly offered to make me some Bateaux. He’s done two sizes an accurately scaled one and a Wargame friendly one as some customers stated they didn’t want to buy seated figures they just wished to stand their figures in the boats.

In addition he’s also prepared a set of four ladders to go with the assault teams I’ve had made for the range , everything should be in the shop tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Workbench and New reads

 Well received a few new books to read that have caught my eye.

Whilst I don’t game the ECW (yet🤣) I find the some of the characters in it fascinating and bit by bit I’ve been collecting books on some of them and their campaigns. Montrose has always interested me and whilst at first sight this appears to be a pretty basic introduction it will wet my appetite I’m sure.

The French Indian War has always been of interest to me - I remember buying loads of Ral Parthia figures and the Drums Along The Mohawk rules many years ago. Now I’m making my own range I’m back into reading more. 

Hodges scout looks very interesting and the book on Quebec I bought as to be honest I know very little of that part of the war and this seemed like a good place to start!

On the work bench I’ve been basing the Saxon fusilier regiment Rochow and Loudon’s regiment of foot for the ‘45, in fact one of the bases has other highland militia mixed in. Really these figures are for the FIW ( ladder lace) but I didn’t want to make new figures or spend hours converting them so they will have to do! I’m sure once on the battlefield most people won’t notice. Please note I did say most people 🤣

Hopefully this week the bateaux, ladders and limbers arrive from Warbases - photos will follow. Although they are being delivered by Hermes so anything could happen in the next 48 hours!

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Is it really that long ago?

Just a short post.

 I picked up issue 400 of Wargames Illustrated yesterday! Leaving aside content for the moment I found it hard to believe it was 1987 when issue 1 was published, this was Duncan’s follow on from Miniature Wargames which had started 4 1/2 years earlier.

I remember popping to the local newsagents and picking up a copy and thoroughly enjoying the read and the photos over a cup of coffee

The quality of the magazine, in my opinion, was excellent and was quite often the catalyst for many a Wargaming butterfly moment. At Duncan’s suggestion I spent hours creating an index for the first 200 issues (which I still have) and the rights of which Duncan bought off me just before he sold the mag.

So 34 years later I still buy the magazine more out of habit and misplaced loyalty! 

The style and content has changed but I think more in a way that reflects the hobby and  the expectations of the ‘new gamers’ 

About every 6 months I dissect the magazines cutting out articles and or pictures that I will find of use, and yes sometimes the magazine provides Lean pickings.

However I still feel that Minaiture Wargames under Duncan’s stewardship and WI for at least the first 200 issues have helped our hobby immensely.

So happy 400th issue WI.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Happy Easter to me 😁

 First can I wish you all an enjoyable Easter break, even without pubs and cafes been open to sit down I have found the villages along the coast incredibly busy with visitors so I am out very early morning, walk the dog and back home before the crowds descend.

My wife is working all through Easter leaving me to get up to mischief! 

Most of today has been spent sorting orders ready to post on Tuesday, but this afternoon I’ve slapped a bit of paint on the next 16 highlanders and taken a little time to look at my most recent board game purchase.

At first sight it looks very promising. High production quality as always from GMT games and not too mUch in the rules section to learn. A card driven game I think I will be able to adapt this to use as a campaign system for figures but I will know better once I’ve read the rules etc. I will report back.

In addition it was good to hear from Andy Stadden, he’s been busy during lockdown with orders for his model railway figures but he sent me some photos of the Indian labourers he’s making for me with a report that Sepoys, Havana militia etc should all be ready within the next couple of weeks. These are to accompany Stuart Insch’s next publication.

They look really good and are open to all sorts of conversions.

It’s also got me thinking about making some changes to Crann Tara and having a ‘specialist’ shop for limited production or special subjects. Just mulling it over at the moment and will report further next time.

In the meantime don’t eat to many chocolate eggs and enjoy the weekend.

Friday, 26 March 2021

The Government Forces prepare for action.

 It seems only fair that after parading the Jacobite army I parade what I have so far in my Government army. It doesn’t include the forces I have for the war in Canada and the Caribbean they will be deployed another day.

Some units still require the issue of standards and two battalions of blue coated militia still require their standards

All the figures are from my own range of figures


Thursday, 18 March 2021

The Jacobites assemble

 My Jacobite army project has dragged on for way too long so I have set myself a time limit to have the army completed bu October of this year.

So I thought it would be timely if I paraded the troops to see what I had exactly - 

In summary I need around another 80 Highlanders and the same number of Lowlanders, some 4 pounders and crews and a siege train. In addition to some more characters etc. That should give me enough to do a number of the games I have planned including Culloden, although I don’t think you can ever have enough Highlanders.

I intend to do some conversions to increase the variety of Lowlanders and I did three additional highlanders which I’ve never released.

Any way heres a few pics.

The Irish Piquets didn’t make the photo shoot as they’re in the French Infantry box 😁 but I intend to do another unit specifically made for the army rather than pinching bases from the parent unit.

As a foot note thanks to everyone who has bought the Montcalm figure I’ve broken the £300 and hopefully can reach £400 soon.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

In memory of Richard Ansell


I received the metal masters of the last set of sculpts Richard did for me.
One set is General Montcalm both mounted and dismounted - I have decided that all the sales from this set will be given to his widow Coral. It may not be a lot but I feel it is the least I can do and as this was the last personality he sculpted then it would be good if the figures were a recognition of his work.
They will be in the shop tomorrow £7.50 a set