Monday, 11 February 2019

To the Sugar Islands

Even though the Teesside Triumvirate, as Duncan MacFarlane used to call us, is now down to one ( me 🤣) I have always tried to still present a demo game at Partizan, this year I have decided to change theatre of operations and move to the Caribbean.
Stuart Insch's excellent publication on the Sugar Islands campaign inspired me enough to do some figure conversions for him in terms of Compagnie Francais de la Marine and some various militia types.
Whilst I don't think these are good enough for retail they don't paint up to bad.
So the first 80+ figures are just about ready - the British 38th Foot ( awaiting their colours) and a host of French. NCO's require muskets, spontoons etc.
Next up some militia- I'm just hoping that the Naval landing party will be sculpted by Richard  and cast in time for the demo.

Just got to finish off designing the scenario.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Back in Business

Great cheers as tonight I can officially start work on painting and basing figures I have finished unpacking the majority of the books paints etc and assembled new book cases, paint desk, computer desk etc. So quite a nice environment to work in.
Still a bit of rubbish to remove from the floor 🤣 But perfection can't be achieved overnight.

This is one end of the loft room the other end holds the book cases, TV etc etc. So I'm really pleased with the space and I can also get a 6'x4' table in here until the garage conversion is complete.😀

As to the paint desk then this is a catch up process I am busy basing British 38th Foot and Compagnie Francais de la Marine for the Sugar Islands demo game at Partizan. In addition more Highlanders hit the bench to be assembled, undercoated etc. (Culloden will happen!).

The little green chaps in the background are more of the Prussians/Hessian 3d prints which have now been sent off to Griffin for casting into metal. These are part of the project I'm working on with Charles Grant for a forthcoming publication on skirmish actions in the Seven Years War.

I did attend the York show yesterday and from a Social point of view was excellent meeting old friends etc and a tactical meeting with Dave Marshall from TM terrain re a project. No photos though again certain areas were extremely crowded - a couple of traders had been allowed to bring their racks etc well forward narrowing the space between themselves and the demo game tables making it impossible to stand and look at the games as you were effectively blocking the aisle. Likewise the bring and buy was extremely crowded and uncomfortable and this is something the organisers certainly need to look at. It was a similar experience last year, for those in wheelchairs etc they would find great difficulty in gaining access to some areas.

Anyway back to the paint table 😀

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Where did they come from?

I guess part of the aches in moving house is the sorting and packing. Of course as a wargamer that is magnified ten fold. So I guess it's also an opportunity to further challenge what has been hoarded and one of the biggest culprits are the magazines. So today I've spent going through over 8 years worth of Wargames Illustrated and Miniature Wargames cutting out articles of interest.
It will come as no surprise to many what is being retained fits in a fairly small box, what's being discarded fills 7 very large bags.
Lots of space created and weight removed begs the question why I still buy them?
I have retained my classic Miniature Warfare etc though, some things can't be thrown.
The 'pile' about half way through the sort out!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year

This year I thought I'd get in quick (for me) and wish everyone a Happy New Year may 2019 bring you all your gaming desires!!!!

For me I've learnt not to set ambitious plans and projects, however this year there are a couple of things I would really like to achieve - the first is the continued rationalisation of my collections and lead/plastic piles. The packing for the forthcoming house move makes me realise that despite major sales over the last year I still have so much stuff!!!!!

The second I would really like to do a lot more with the 18th Century figures, I hope to bring the Culloden game to the second Partizan this year ( after all that was why I started Crann Tara!), with the figures I have planned for release I hope along the way to do some forays into the Carribean and for next year I have a plane to resurrect an idea Lee, Gordon and I had for a game. A WWII encounter taken back into the 18th Century! More of that later.

I shall be visiting York in February so hope to catch up with people there.

In the meantime a few pics from some of my favourite games of last year.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas one and all

can I just take time out to wish you all Merry Christmas
at a time when we all seem hell bent on destroying what we have and to hell with the consequences then a little bit of schmaltz doesn't seem inappropriate.

Hopefully I will see you all next year and we can continue to enjoy the hobby that takes us away from the stupidity that surrounds us.!

( sorry if that sounds crass) have a wonderful time over this festive season.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Battle of Leuthen

Today  saw me attend Colin Ashton's of
For his annual refight of the Battle of Leuthen. This is the 261st Anniversary of the Battle and as you will see on Colin's blog current standings are Austrians 7 Prussians 3 so a tough nut for the Prussians and after arrival I joined Colin on the Prussians and was put in command of the right flank taking command of Zieten and the Prussian infantry advance Guard.

Rules used were Black Powder 2 - not my favourite set but Colin had made a few amendments and to be honest they played ok.

Colin will be putting a detailed report on his blog - suffice to say it was Prussian victory😀 Not through taking Leuthen but bringing  the Austrian army to its break point.

The Prussian cavalry on both flanks fought the Austrian cavalry to standstill with the brigades of both sides becoming spent  on the same bound.

Zieten had succeeded in riding down the majority of the Reichsarmee infantry early on and thus met the Austrian cavalry as they arrived thus negating their superior numbers.

A few miscellaneous pictures of the day.
A big s

A big thank you to Colin for hosting the event in his superb games room and for the excellent spirit in which the game was played.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Battleground Show

Well Saturday was a hectic day, but first can I compliment Leon (Pendraken Miniatures) for hosting what I thought was the  best Battleground to date.
Whilst he told me numbers were slightly down on last year ( can't believe that - free entry, talks from the Battlefields Trust, good games etc) it felt busy all day. The show closes at 3 thus minimising the afternoon lull and really I didn't see any noticeable fall off until around 2.30.

I did manage to take some pics early on before the show opened so I missed some very good games, in terms of sales my main objective of clearing plastic and lead mountains went very well with very little coming home. Also sales of books and magazines was excellent -I'm always surprised some of the items - in particular the magazines I've been carrying around the shows for a few years this year they flew out the boxes.!
Onto the pics and in no specific priority
Colin Ashton's Battle of Zurich game - impressive to say the least and as you can see always with a touch of humour