Tuesday 15 September 2020

Tom The Wargamer - The future?

 A bit of an unusual post, there has been a lot of ongoing discussion about the future of the Hobby. Littlewars TV ran a piece on the future of Historical War gaming and I know Robbie on the Independent Wargamers blog has had some recent thoughts.

However I came across this young mans you tube channel. Tom is 12 years of age and as to be expected has many wide and varied interests ( a true gamer :) no 40k) and I guess will remind many of us how we were at 12.

He is articulate and is worth listening to his take on the hobby and how he is trying to do historical gaming - refreshing.


Wednesday 9 September 2020

A busy bench and foam gaming boards?

 Well the work bench this week is more a production line. Going through a lot of basing of the flat figures and some final touching up required. At the same time the ‘round’ highlanders are waiting to be based and some 10mm AWI have crept onto the bench shouting out to be finished!

In the background is the warehouse I’ve printed to kick off the preparation on the raid of Port Edward!

I’ve also been trying out some brush pens, I can’t recall where I read about these but I think they’re great, the points are very fine and hold their point and the line is broader the more pressure you apply. The pigmentation in the red,orange, light blue etc isn’t strong enough to cover anything but a lighter colour but will be very good on flags etc. I use the black on horses reins etc and the dark blue is very effective for shading, lining in etc. All in all really pleased with these.

Finally a colleague has made, what I think, are some very effective game boards. He’s building a WW1 battlefield and as his base has used 1” upholstery foam. 

Easy to cut, easy to paint over using spray which forms a light crust on the foam but doesn’t peel off. To add rigidity he has stuck them to some MDF, I have ordered some an 80”x45” piece but smaller sizes are available. More reports in the future.

Finally hope everyone is keeping safe. Glad I have this hobby at times like this.