Monday 19 October 2009

Its not a lot but its progress

Well although work has been getting in the way I did manage to make a bit of a push and get the first 12 figures of my Regiment de Nuilley completed, even with enough motivation left to undercoat the next 12. I would like to think that I can get two regiments of foot for each army, together with some lights and artillery completed by Christmas.

For me that may be a tall order but if I aim high enough we may get somewhere. The figures are Minden miniatures French and once the painting style was sorted I have to admit compared to the English they are a breeze to paint and thats why I'm fairly confident of getting the Grand Duchy troops completed fairly quickly.

Further more detailed work on the maps and characters are under way so at least when the troops start marching a lot of the background will be completed.

Onwards and upwards.