Sunday 21 January 2024

Never saw that one coming (2)

 Well I should have posted on here last week about the Solo Jacobite campaign I’m running but I’ve been sent a real curved ball.

So last Sunday morning wife enjoy a little morning walk with the dog, had a coffee and headed home to read paper, Early afternoon felt like someone drove a knife down my neck to between shoulder blades

It made general movement painful and as we men do put it down to latest virus, by Wednesday pain in neck and shoulders had gone but it was painful to walk, by Thursday I couldn’t walk and here I am in James Cook 

I apparently have contracted a pretty rare bacterial virus it has created a number of abscesses along the spine and inflamed a number of membranes between discs. It’s also in my blood so causing problems with BP.

Fortunately James Cook has both spinal and infectious units under one roof so I guess I’m in the right place.

So at the moment the spinal team are meeting to decide if they should operate to relieve the pressure or just let the antibiotics work their way through

Best case I’m going to be here 5-6 weeks

So watch this space I will do some progress reports when there some to report 

Be careful of those Sunday walks you never know what’s lurking 

Take care.