Monday 19 October 2015

Johann Sebastian Rae

When the AMG forum members met up at Partizan to do the two large battles based on the prelude to Waterloo. John Ray had very kindly sculpted and had cast a small vignette which he gave to the participants as a nice commemoration of the event.

I have pondered for a while how best to present this.

For those that have seen my workbench then you know I generally like to have a lot of pieces on the bench.

Eventually it all came together in the small display, I've used the Landau from Westfalia Miniatures, the horse holder from Black Hussar, a couple of Foundry figures, a dog from warbases and of course the two figures sculpted by John.

So here we have Johann Sebastian Rae the Grand Maester of the Guilde arriving in the DUchy of Comyn to examine how they are spending his investment in the war against Albion.

As an aside I also invested in some of the excellent desk organiser pieces from Hobby Zone in Poland,
the result is I have tidied the desk and for me, at least, I'm organised. They are excellent pieces and from order to delivery took about 9 days. First class in every way.