Tuesday 25 November 2014

Savoia Infantry

Whilst there's a more detailed update on the Crann Tara blog I felt I needed to show the new figure sculpted on the Crann Tara dolly by John D and Painted by him.
I think he's done a cracking job and I think the figure is  fairly generic 18th Century line infantry.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

The Camerons are ready.

Been a lonng time but I have eventually painted and based a whole unit of my Jacobite foot which of course will represent Scotia.
These are Camerons and now I have the taste there's more on the table.

Reinforcements for Albion!

Finished painting and basing a piece to add to the Albion army.
It is the Amusette sold by Westfalia Forge for their Saxon Napoleonic Army,
the crew are some of my own sculpts using the Richard Ansell dollies, too crude for retail but ideal for assault teams etc.
I am going to add some more figure types and hopefully the sculpting will get better.