Monday 31 January 2022

Plans for the Year - a bit late!

 Well just managing to squeeze this post in before the end of the first month! A few health issues and a lot of over thinking has caused delays in this post but I think I’m about there in terms of what I’d like to achieve.

I created Crann Tara miniatures all those years ago for one main reason - to allow me to refight the Jacobite Rebellion. Well in the intervening years I was diverted by running the business and whilst slow progress has been made it hadn’t reached the conclusion I wanted. 

So first priority is to finish all the pieces for the Culloden refight. This to be displayed at Partizan in May so all the stops are out for this.  I have also decided that this will be my last demonstration game, my first demo game was Marston Moor in 1984 at the Coatham Memorial Hall in Redcar.  From that date I have hardly missed a year, in the early years I was joined by two colleagues Gordon ( the terrain maker and Leigh) We always aimed to present a new game at Partizan and usually resurrected a game for Triples and Derby. But Partizan was always our favourite show and I guess we grew together so it seems fitting for the final battle on U.K. soil to be my swan song at Partizan.

What follows is a random selection of pics from some demo games and my collections. Unfortunately I need to find the old photos of the majority of our games although the Partizan website does show a number of them.

Following that I would like to complete my 15mm ECW and ACW projects supported by Lee Gramson (Napoleonic therapy project) then I aim to have figures to refight Edgehill and the first day at Gettysburg.

Third play more board games, I have always been a fan of board games and have a pretty good collection but they are greatly underplayed and I need to redress that.

And there I draw the line. Behind the scenes there is ongoing 15mm Ancients etc and I’m sure there may be the odd butterfly that comes along.

Of course there will also be the continuing sorting of the collections and most probably some disposals.

It’s a wonderful hobby but I now need to see more tabletop games rather than the continual painting 😃

Monday 10 January 2022

First post of the year, apologies to fellow bloggers and a fall out with PayPal

 A belated Happy New Year to you all, I’m a bit late in catching up with things as I appear to have had some pretty dire adverse reaction to the booster jab, investigations still ongoing but I now feel somewhat better and thought I’d open the year with a post.

First for some reason blogger has fallen out with me and I’m unable to post comments on blogs, so apologies to Jim, Phil, Robbie, Norman, JBM, Tony,Aly etc all of whom I’ve been trying to comment on their blogs and all I get is some sort of blipvert which appears and disappears so quickly it’s impossible to read. I’m still looking as to why but have found no solutions as yet.

PayPal is now no longer my friend before Christmas I sold some figures to a guy in France, about 3 weeks later he contacted me saying he’d received a customs form for €22 to be paid he sent me a photo of the form and a clear message saying he had no intention to pay the duty etc. Another two weeks pass and PayPal notify me he’s made a dispute for non delivery of goods, I duly submitted photos of his comments, the customs invoice and certificate of posting. PayPal then asked for a photo of the label that I’d placed on the parcel clearly indicating the guys name and address ( apparently he’d said that the Royal Mail certificate of posting didn’t show his name how did he know it was for him!!!  Do you all take photos of the address label. Well you’ve guessed it they found in his favour as I couldn’t produce the photo. So a reimbursement of the his money, a £12 PayPal charge for dealing with the claim and no returned good as yet not a good start to the year.

I have bought these rules

Aly Morrison mentioned them on his blog as being interesting as they don’t use dice at all but they use playing cards. I’ve only had time for a quick skim through and indeed he is right  they look interesting for troops to carry out actions melees etc cards are played the better trained troops have access to more suits.but that’s about as much as I’ve picked up so far.

I intend to give some thoughts to projects for this year - that will appear next post but one Butterfly that has landed is Iain McDonald from Flags of War is going to release a full range of Reivers together with rules et and they look excellent.