Saturday 23 April 2022

Culloden at Partizan and mulling things over.

 Partizan is fast approaching and in between trying to take out the kitchen, doing some landscaping for my good lady I’m trying to get the demo game finished. 

99% of the figures are done, a few bases need finishing some pieces need Matt varnishing and there’s a few not essential but nice to have pieces to do. We shall see.

The big job was getting the field of battle done, so today I downed tools in the house and retreated to the games room. Fur had finishing trim and all the base coats put on.

Some work needs to be done on the marshy/boggy ground and to check I have enough walls for the enclosure and Culloden park. But just about there. Labels and handout to prep ( hopefully ) and figures boxed in preparation. Looking forward to the weekend for sure.

So I was away in the Peak District last weekend and whilst there did some mulling, Norm on the Battlefields and Warriors blog decided a while back to cease posting his reasoning is worth reading ( his blog can still be accessed) and certainly makes you think about the time we spend on IPads, laptops etc and in terms of blogging it is certainly a chicken and egg situation. But the bottom line for me is that I enjoy posting but from now on only when I think I have something worthwhile to post or something I want to log  for the future. 

Finally photos of my little collection of vignettes all painted by the talented Mark Allen,

Now these chaps look great in the display cabinet but I feel a bit sorry for them in that they have no troops to command or lead to glory. So I’ve been mulling a small project over more details later! Keith Flints ‘Shadow of the Eagles’ look interesting and allow reasonable sized forces to battle it out on a 6’x4’. 

His units are a little small for my liking but I have no problem in looking small to start with and the scaling up later. So busy just making a few notes on my thoughts and looking at options.

Tomorrow my wife has arranged for a family get together and some fine dining in celebration of my 65th birthday ( it was on Wednesday) I’m not keen on fuss but the full family hasn’t been together for a long time so I shall make an exception on this occasion.

Hopefully another Culloden update next week 😁🤣 - no pressure.

Monday 11 April 2022

Books and rules surplus to requirements

 Had a quick glance around the book shelves yesterday and pulled these as being definitely no longer required, a more in-depth scrutiny will be required at a later date. Prices don’t include postage which will be at cost

£7 each

£4 each

£4 each

£4 each

Anglo-Saxons £2 Rorkes Drift £4

Blood and Valor £6 Sudan £5

£5 each (Pikeman’s lament sold)

Brave Mens blood £6 Washing the Spears £2.50 ( comes with Triumph and Tragedy)

£5 each


£2.50 each
£2.50 each
Just shout if there’s anything that catches your eye.