Sunday 30 April 2023

Starting on the Allies

 Just a short update before the month ends, I have been quite busy hobby wise but haven’t got round too taking photos mainly a mind set thing as I now have a blood clot in my left leg, don’t know where that little blighter came from! In addition the GP sys I have arthritis in right knee and hip although I’m arguing with him about that but at the moment he won’t send me for a scan ! 

So enough moaning and a few pics of some of the Brits I’ve done for the QB project, I know the Scots Greys weren’t at Quatre Bras but you have to have them.

The light troops and rifles are all 3D prints, a little fragile but as this project is solo it will only be my fault if I break them! 
I actually found the British line easier and quicker to paint than the French - more uniform I guess.
The Warlord Epic range doesn’t include figures for any of the allies now whilst the majority can be done through paint conversions it’s nice to have some correct pieces. 
MC miniatures on Wargaming 3D provide a huge range of files for Napoleonic, SYW and ACW initially in 28 he has now started converting them into epic scale and in strips of five figures so half an epic strip.
A colleague is printing me some Dutch line - the pics are of the figures straight off the printer and they haven’t been cleaned up but I know they will fit well.

I have some more files for militia, Brunswick and Belgian jaegers, so looking forward to getting these and painting them up.

Keep safe everyone and happy gaming.

Thursday 6 April 2023

The French for Quatre Bras assemble

 When Warlord released their epic Napoleonic range I decided that at last I had a reasonable opportunity to achieve one of my bucket list dreams of doing the 1815 campaign in a way that would still look good on the table but didn’t require a huge investment or a major painting commitment.

I had decided to use DBN for the project but to work on the scale of 1 base of infantry was roughly 500 men and 1 base of cavalry was roughly 300. There would be some rounding up and down but on paper it seemed to work well. Also most French brigades would have 4-6 bases likewise with the allies so with a bit of juggling I could group bases into units for other rule sets.

Anyway Norm on his Battlefield and Warriors blog is contemplating doing an 1815 campaign around Wavre using the ideas published by Jervis Johnson in this months WI, now I haven’t read the article but I bought Shakos 1815 board game together with its neoprene map,

I think the map is excellent and I intended to use this and the counters from the game to play the campaign, and I too shall have a look at the article to see if it will adapt to this.

Feeling enthused this week I have pressed on finishing the bases for the French at Quatre Bras, I think even with one base to a battalion or so it looks pretty impressive.

This shot shows Reille’s 3 Divisions that were at Quatre Bras together with the Light cavalry Brigade, to the front of them is the Heavy cavalry division from Kellermans 3rd corps.
I haven’t done the Guard light cavalry yet as Ney’s orders were not to commit them so they will only be required initially for a what if scenario. As the project progresses into painting for Ligny then I will paint them. 

Really pleased with how these are looking and I have the first four bases of British Guards just about done, flags are still to be attached but this project has now taken a leap forward 😁