Saturday 31 March 2012

March Review

Sorry its been a little quiet and that there's no pics this post. First and foremost Ive spoken with Richard re the sculpting of my highlanders and they are under way, quite exciting waiting to see what arrives. They will be good of that I'm certain and I've spoken with Griffin moulds re making the metal masters for me.

After that the figures go back to Richard for more work and a further 6 Highlanders in jackets! Can't wait.
Painting wise 76 figures painted this month, I'm still sticking to my painting programme and as part of this total I completed another company for my Comyn foot and the third company is on the painting table.

Also arrived this morning is the latest Charles S Grant publication, The Wolfenbuttel War - loosley based on the waterloo campaign. First inspection it looks great with some excellent photos of his collection. Hopefully I will get my Comyn regiment finished this month together with the start on the Comyn light troops. Promise there will be some pics next post.
Enjoy the Easter Break!

Sunday 11 March 2012

Rupert Gibb

Just about finished Colonel Rupert Gibb, founder of the Albion Light Infantry, he raised the unit at his own expense in order to raise the profile of the aggressive use Light Infantry on the battle field.

He has succeeded in receiving orders to deploy his Regiment close to the borders in anticipation of offensive action shortly.

Apologies that the pictures are a little dark, will take some more once his base is finished and he has joined his unit!

Friday 9 March 2012

Jacobites are coming!

No pictures for this update but I am to say the least excited, as you know my imaginations have an area populated by the highland clans, I have been in talks with Richard Ansell the sculptor of Minden Miniatures, the figures I use for my armies, and he has agreed to sculpt some Highlanders for me suitable for the Jacobite rebellions.
Early days yet but Im hopeful the first set of scuplts will be under way this month.
As with many things progress may be slow based on cash flow but I'm looking at getting 6 original figures in the first set. Watch this space for progress.

Friday 2 March 2012

Regiment de Grancy

Didn't quite make the end of the month deadline but the first company of the Regiment de Grancy is finished and awaiting a matt varnish but I couldn't wait to take a couple of pics.
Reinforcements from Minden Miniatures arrived yesterday so I can press on with the other two companies.

May just about make the target of end of April for first game!