Friday 26 March 2021

The Government Forces prepare for action.

 It seems only fair that after parading the Jacobite army I parade what I have so far in my Government army. It doesn’t include the forces I have for the war in Canada and the Caribbean they will be deployed another day.

Some units still require the issue of standards and two battalions of blue coated militia still require their standards

All the figures are from my own range of figures


Thursday 18 March 2021

The Jacobites assemble

 My Jacobite army project has dragged on for way too long so I have set myself a time limit to have the army completed bu October of this year.

So I thought it would be timely if I paraded the troops to see what I had exactly - 

In summary I need around another 80 Highlanders and the same number of Lowlanders, some 4 pounders and crews and a siege train. In addition to some more characters etc. That should give me enough to do a number of the games I have planned including Culloden, although I don’t think you can ever have enough Highlanders.

I intend to do some conversions to increase the variety of Lowlanders and I did three additional highlanders which I’ve never released.

Any way heres a few pics.

The Irish Piquets didn’t make the photo shoot as they’re in the French Infantry box 😁 but I intend to do another unit specifically made for the army rather than pinching bases from the parent unit.

As a foot note thanks to everyone who has bought the Montcalm figure I’ve broken the £300 and hopefully can reach £400 soon.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

In memory of Richard Ansell


I received the metal masters of the last set of sculpts Richard did for me.
One set is General Montcalm both mounted and dismounted - I have decided that all the sales from this set will be given to his widow Coral. It may not be a lot but I feel it is the least I can do and as this was the last personality he sculpted then it would be good if the figures were a recognition of his work.
They will be in the shop tomorrow £7.50 a set