Friday 30 September 2016

Battle of Rocoux

Well it's almost a week since my return from Charles Grant's and another excellent weekend of gaming, chatting and having a small drink or three.

The game itself was based on the Marshall Saxe's attack on the centre of the Pragmatic army and will appear in Charles' next book

As a result I'm not able to go into detail of the game except to say it was hard fought and it was nice to see my British figures make the table. As usual some units shone and some did not live up to expectations and of course it always seems to be at critical times do our boys stand up to the mark or fail to deliver.

I have to admit the sight of 21 French columns marching towards my lines was a sight to behold.
So without further ado some carefully selected pics from the game.

So all in all an excellent game with excellent company and superb hospitality from Charles and Liz

Monday 12 September 2016

The Road to Rocoux

two weeks time will see me travel to Scotland and visit Charles Grant to refight the battle of Rocoux for another of his forthcoming books.
I have been privileged to participate in a number of these refights and most enjoyable they have been

Rocux is a little different in that Charles wanted to use my British troops so the last few weeks has seen much painting of cavalry, there is now one squadron of Scots Greys to go to complete the 12 squadrons asked for.

Hence the busy paint table - not helped bu my son who suddenly decided to take a break fro the Horus Heresy and start WWII and plonk 30 Panzer Grenadiers and a few Brits on the bench before he left for three weeks to America!

SO its back down now to prepping the last squadron and converting a couple of standard bearers.,