Sunday 31 October 2010

Fiasco - I'd rather be painting

Today saw me steal away to the Fiasco show at its new venue Saviles at the Armouries at Leeds,
I've been going to the Leeeds show for more years than I care to remember and have always looked forward to this.
Today was the trial of a new venue which I liked very much, but what's happened to the show? 5 possibly six games, a fair few traders yes but nothing to hold me there for any length of time, after an hour I was done, £4.00 to get in, £5.00 spent!! more spent in petrol and not a good day.
On the painting front I have started another Albion Regiment, 12 figures done and then I've run out!!! an order has been placed with Minden and hopefully reinforcements will arrive shortly, poor logistical planning.
Hopefully pics next week.

Sunday 10 October 2010


Well although I had aimed to completely retire last December I'm still working, mainly to be able to continue to buy loads more of Franks excellent Minden Miniatures.

 These are some pics of the completed Normandie infantry in the display case, standards and flock still to be added, but proof at last that we are up and running again. The drummers were a pain but once in the grove they came out ok. (Please excuse the Jason and argonauts in some pics)
 The two opposing Regiments living harmoniously in the cabinet, when the next Regiment is completed ( another Albion foot unit)  I will have to find another cabinet or send the men into secure quarters.

A close up of the drummers, don't look too bad!

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  I thought I'd start on some of the characters, so at left we have General Morbier, as you can see still on the painting table hence the background. I'm plannin on finding a coach that I can paint up in Comyn household colours for the General.

Foundry figures for those that are interested.

These pics show Albions General McLean almost ready to lead the Regiments into action, in the background is the Col. ( as yet unnamed) of the Normandie foot.
So with luck and a fair wind the mojo is back and we can at last see the armies starting to mobilise for real.