Sunday 28 February 2016

What's on the workbench

Just a couple of quick pics of most the workbench, the Westfalia Forge sutlers cart is coming along - I need a couple more figures to paint and then I can finish the vignette. 
Another French Battalion - I sent Steve too few figures so need to paint up 5 more to finish it off - must have being having a senior moment! 
There's a few more Scots pike for my Lion rampant force which I hope to finish soon, but really between getting a few conversions/sculpts finished I need to focus now on completing the armies for the demo game at Partizan.

Monday 22 February 2016

Scottish Battlefield Trust Wargames Show - Prestonpans

Saturday saw me attend this small event at the Gothenburg pub in Prestonpans as a trader.
First off the pub was wonderful, good food, good ale ( even if I couldn't drink any) a micro brewery etc. So even if the weather was a bit dour the pub was warm and friendly.

This event arranged by Warwick Louth in support with the Scottish Battlefield Trust was a first and in many ways took me back to the hobby in the early 70's, a friendly, intimate atmosphere where people came to game and enjoy themselves. Seven games (I think) all with a Scottish theme and around the same number of traders.
The games had the likes of Barry Hilton,David Imrie, Iain McDonald there and all were of a good quality.
I only took a few photos I'm afraid mainly of Barry's Killiekrankie  battle where he was trying out his soon to be released card driven rules for the period.
Lot's more photos on Iain's  The Camlachie Wolf blogspot

Also had the pleasure of chatting to M S Foy of Prometheus in Aspic - its always good to meet up with people previously only known through the internet and blog world!

The pictures of the room were taken before the public arrived, it ticked over nicely all day and I really look forward to going back next year sometimes small is good.

Photos of Barry's Killiekrankie game - very nice.
I also found a wonderful company Supreme Little Designs - yes another laser cut building company but Michael has made soem really nice pieces of all scales and is worth checking out.
One thing for certain I will be back next year.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Workbench Update and a trip to the Darkside

Sorry about missing last week, as preparations for my trip to Chicago gather a pace I'm finding lesss time to get orders completed, painting done etc.
Anyway the work bench has moved on  - the squadron of 11th dragoons are completed ( photo won't load) and we press on with the Sutlers cart and the Lion Rampant figures.

Just as a reminder these are the Claymore castings chaps I have finished

I also took my 10mm AWI from their boxes for a review - quite a few standards required but a handful of units will see the two armies ready for battle.

So a bit of motivation all round to get painting.
Monday saw my son take me to Warhammer World at Nottingham. I guess it must be 8 years since I last went and in that time I've sold 95% of my GW but still have fond memories and still like painting some of their models. My son just wanted to go see what had changed.

I'm not getting involved re money, prices etc all I can say for a day out I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main gaming hall hasn't changed too much except it now has a forgeworld and a black library shop.
There are still lots of nicely made gaming tables.

The exhibition hall has changed significantly first its £7.50 to go in but there are 5 halls and we spent over an hour admiring the painting and craftsmanship of the models and the displays.

This final model display speaks for itself and you work your way down the 22' high tower, there is so much to see on the model a fantastic display to look and admire. A nice trip down memory lane with my son and I day I enjoyed.