Friday 27 November 2020

Port Edward - The beginning and real value for money?

 I think I have mentioned before on the blog my desire/plan to present an 18th century raid on a Port.

In all the notes I’ve made on the war between Scotia Albion and the Duchy of Comyn, Edward Island and its main Port ( Port Edward) has always been earmarked as the setting. For many reasons I haven’t done much with the imagi-nation campaign but I do hope to change all that next year.

So with the advantage of 3D printing I thought it was time to start printing buildings to populate the Port,

my aim is to have a built up area taking up a 5x4 area for what I envisage will be a large skirmish game.

The first few buildings are done, a rather impressive Inn, a warehouse and two houses - tower house and the Port Administrator.

The  buildings have been printed at 90% their normal size!. I have taken ideas on layout etc from Whitby and Port en Bessin and more will be revealed as the project progresses.

As to the second part of the post, like many others I use and electric mini drill for working on conversions of figures etc. I’ve had the set for quite awhile and it was a gift from my mam and dad but it was only yesterday I found the paperwork for it. Bought in 1985! Without tempting fate I think it’s done good service and definitely has been very good value for money.

Keep safe everyone 

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Garage/gaming room conversion almost done

 It’s been a while but my winter project to insulate the garage and rebuild the gaming table is now into final stages.

All the construction work is done, so walls and ceiling suitably insulated and boarded, rubber mats laid on floor and table rebuilt to now give a 9’x5’ playing surface with the option to extend to 12x5.

The new bike store arrives shortly so bikes, ladders and all the other non gaming bits will be removed.

Anyway mighty pleased, it is noticeably warmer.

I also bought a sheet of 2mm neoprene to lay over the table to act as a base layer, it takes out any little variations, screw holes etc.

This also means that I can reorganise the loft where I’m very fortunate to have my painting table and a 4x4 gaming table which is ideal for skirmishes or board games.

So hopefully once I’m able to allow son and or friends access game on.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Off the bench

 Apologies for the long gap between posts, my main efforts have been focussed on finishing the garage conversion to gaming room. All the structural pieces are in place - some tidying up required and then I can paint the walls and lay the flooring. I needed up with a 9x5 table - I could have gone to 12’ but felt having space was also important. I can always build an extension piece.

In the mean time managed to finish off basing etc of the Prinz Gotha and the red regiment of Polish Uhlans For my Saxons. Thought it was about time this army received some Reinforcements.