Sunday 22 July 2012

Saga Week

First apologies for not updating for a couple of weeks, Mam took ill so real life got in the way!
Bovington was good but since my return painting had slowed, however my 18th century Lights are now making progress and in order to raise funds for Crann Tara Mins I've been busy painting some Saga bits.
The Scots will be an 8 point force and I'm almost half way through, the pics below show the 3 points of figures I have completely finished.

All the figures are Crusader Miniatures and paint up nice.

The next is a mix of G.Beast and Wrgames Factory Plastics which I'm preparing for a 6 point Anglo Saxon force.

I have to admit I've quite enjoyed chopping hands and heads and swopping stuff around, the figures dont look to bad and of course all are helped by the use of Little Big Man shield transfers.
Anyway next week is back to the 18th century.

Thursday 5 July 2012

Bovington Bound

Well its an early start tomorrow to head down to Bovington with my son and a boat load of packets of Crann Tara miniatures for Stuart.

Looking forward to the show, its been a long time since I last visited (1976) with the TA and will post a short review on Monday. When I return next week its a Saga week, must get Scots finished to sell and the Saxons may be going the journey as well, expensive business this figure manufacturing!!

Also aim to get the rest of the Light Infantry done.

Sunday 1 July 2012

June Update a Month of Scots

Up until June I have been faithfull to my project list. With Crann Tara I have had to deviate slightly and June saw me painting figures to sell and finishing off bits and pieces.
Still I managed to complete 106 paint points!
This included some WWII Italians, AK47, Saga Scots ( pics next week as I hope to sell these),
some more of my Highlanders (pics on the Crann Tara Blog) and last but by no means least I finished of my unit of Scots from Claymore castings, such nice figures.
I painted Sir John Haliburton (spot the mistake), Sir John Edmonstone and a couple of well equipped retainers.
So first unit done.

They are nice figures, next up some archers. But the priority this monthis to finish the Light Infantry and paint some Highlanders in Jackets.

New Blog, New Figures, New Stockist

First and foremost I have decided that Crann Tara has reached the point that it warrants its own blog,
therefore as of today the more detailed reports, progress etc will be written up at

Just means I have two blogs to update and two sets of incentives to get things done!

Second whilst theres more pics on the other blog here's a coupl of the new Highlanders on jackets, the figures have been undercoated and ink washed to bring out the detail

There's more pics on the other blog but I hope you agree that Richard has done me proud.

Thirdly after much deliberation as of next week a colleague of mine Stuart Armstrong of Colonel Bills - will be carrying the full range of figures at wargame shows. He starts at Battle Group South - Bovington Tank Museum next weekend, so for those people who like to see their figures in the metal first then seek him out and have a look.

I will be continuing to deal with mail order.

I have also highlighted and confirmed the next set of figures that Richard will be sculpting and that following their release I will look to setting up a web shop.

So as from next week this blog should return to a bit of normality and I may get some more figures done.