Monday 3 April 2017

Some Light at the end of the tunnel

At last I found a little time to sit down at the work bench.
I'm pleased to say I have go my mam into a local care home (walking distance) where she will be for the next 6 weeks before a final assessment is made on her ability to look after herself. Hopefully they will agree with me she needs 24 hour care.

So down to it - got a few things moving ( Blood Bowl team shh dont tell anyone) and the finishing stages of the 10mm AWI which I intend to do a push on.

Some blood and Plunder figures - which is a very good game and I'm hoping to push on with the highlanders this week - still lots to do.

I have to admit the Pendraken Miniatures 10mm pieces are really nice but I'm trying to do some speed painting on these. Base colours, one highlight then brush on 'dip'