Wednesday 11 January 2023

Loft Sorted, bits off the bench and triremes anyone?

 So the New Year has seen me rejig my loft into a far more gamer friendly area, having seen JBM on his blog use some IKEA units for the base of his gaming table a quick trip to my loft with tape measure in hand. After disposing of two book cases, a tv unit and some 40 books and rules I purchased the IKEA Eket base units and hey presto sorted.

I have books along the bottom of the units and board games along the top. Room on top for a 6x4 with the option of going to 7’ or at a

The old card table on the right of the photo was my grandfathers and folds up I only use it when I’m doing basing etc. so I’m pretty happy with this. The 4x4 MDF on top of the units will get cut in half and I can store the 4x2’s at the end of the table when not in use 😁. Certainly game on shortly.

Next up as part of clearing the decks for the New Year was getting all the bits that were nearly finished but have been sitting on the paint table for too long.

So the ECW coach just needs a few final pieces painting and it’s ready to join the Parliamentarian army.

There are a few miscellaneous epic Napoleonic bits including some resin printed British Rifles and light infantry (spot Sharpe)

Finally my ancient baggage/camp for my chariot armies. Well pleased these are done.

As a daft little project Wargames Illustrated are giving stl files away for the 3D printing of Ancient Greek triremes and Pentekonters to accompany the free Thalassa rules for ancient naval warfare. The ships are scaled to 6mm and they do provide files to print crew but for me that means finding someone with a resin printer or using Baccus figures ( a pack of light infantry and Hoplites have been ordered ) the rules look like fun and it’s a neat little diversion. I’ve printed 3 ships so far, you do get files for masts and sails but I’m not certain if I will use them.

Of course the madman in me questioned how they would look at 15mm so 6 hours later a Pentekonter 

I think it’s scaled quite nicely and looks ok with the figure. A few may make an appearance for my beach landings 😁.

Club night tomorrow for my first game of the year and next Wednesday, Steve and I have scheduled to play Magnesia using the SPQR - Great Battles of History Board game.

Hope you’re all ok.

Take care.

Sunday 1 January 2023

Happy New Year and a few more books to go ……..

 First can I wish everyone a Happy New Year and May it bring you all what you hope for.

After last years health scare my outlook has changed somewhat and this year I just intend to game when I can, paint what I like and don’t buy too much. In the background there’s a sort of plan to focus on ECW and Napoleonic but there are no targets just some ‘ it would be nice to…… ‘ sort of targets.

I have kicked my butt into action and am in the middle of reorganising my loft room, the Jolly Broom

Man inspired me to get some IKEA units for the base of a table   ( photos to follow) so a 6 x4 is accommodated with the option of going to 8x4. 

A refurb of the garage will take place in the summer and if needs be I can put a 10  x 6 in their.

Part of this overhaul is a rationalisation of books and rules. I haven’t been half as ruthless as I should be, and there’s a number of books I’m hanging onto for no other reason than sentiment, they’re part of my Wargaming history and I can’t let them go. I may chat about them in the future.

I’ve listed a few books on here and more elsewhere however todays raid of the shelves has produced to following publications to go…..

I have the cards to go with this £10









Postage will be at cost.

I hope to see some of you this year at the shows. Stop me and I will buy you a coffee ðŸĪŠ
I anticipate a battle report coming soon.

Oops nearly forgot this excellent set of books

This four volume set covers the AWI in the Carolina’s and had details on every single action, skirmish, battle both on land and sea and excellent set £25.