Sunday 24 July 2022

Books, rules and games for sale.

 A little trimming of my collection. This is potentially a first wave as I haven’t really gone through everything in detail. Unless stated otherwise all books are £6 with postage at cost.The Ospreys are £5 each

I will delete items as sold

The rules and games priced individually.


Battles book with Skraelings board £7.50

Saga £5.







I will be listing on the Lead Adventurers Forum some time next week and possible on FB later.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

So What’s been going on?

 You may have noticed I have been somewhat quiet since my trip to Partizan and putting on the demo game.

Why? Well nothing serious has happened and I’m still here but there have been a few black dog moments and a lot of deep thinking (probably too much) Usually I’m ok with in dealing with down moments and have built good coping mechanisms but on this occasion the beast ambushed me! Anyway all is good but I have made some major decisions and changes to my hobby and collections.

The first huge change has been the selling of most of my 18th century collection, that may be a shock to many having spent the last ten years building it.  But to me my decision to do so was valid, I’ve retained my French Indian War and the War against the Spanish in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Most of my focus will be on my 15mm collections and 28mm small actions/ skirmishes and an increase in boardgaming. One new project ( in 28mm!) is the campaigns of 1796 and 1799 I purchased two publications, whilst designed for Regimental Fire and Fury the scenarios and OOB translate well to what I want to do and most importantly in the majority of scenarios ( which are small engagements or parts of larger battles) the armies fall within my go to army size of 9:4:2 which is good.

These also fit in well with another purchase I made

The rules have been receiving excellent feedback and the whole concept fits within my idea of the games I wish to play even to the point where they are designed to reflect a battle within a battle.

Finally for this project I stumbled upon this set of publications

I shall do a proper review later but they are excellent value, having detailed OOB’s some nice uniform plates and background to the campaign.

I have started collecting and painting primarily using Elite miniatures, I’m finding I can paint a unit of French a week. The collection is supplemented by Eureka miniatures  so all in all I think a neat achievable objective.

I shall do some photos of the workbench shortly.

Take care everyone