Monday 30 September 2013

Christmas comes early.

See what the postie brought today----
This book is absolutely worth every single penny, quality, production is first class and the contents, what you want to see? Well you can't at least not just yet.
This is truly a labour of love, crammed full of content and pictures of John's excellent collection this is a book that warrants sitting down in a quiet corner with a large malt whiskey and savoring both the contents of glass and book simultaneously.

When I've had a good look I will post a little more, in the mean time if John has nay left (limited run of 500) I suggest you find a way to treat yourself.

Head over to
and order one.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Highland Command and Lowlanders Painted. Secret Project ongoing!!!

If you go to my Crann Tara blog you can see the painted masters I have got finished whilst awaiting stock,
just a couple of pics to wet your appetite

Also I am currently in negotiation to purchase a range of figures, the figures haven't been available for a while and are in a new period for me. They were and still are excellent sculpts and many of the figures were never made available so it could be exciting times. More news to follow!!!!

Friday 13 September 2013

Royal Ecossais

Just for those that may not be following the Crann Tara blog I've posted some pics of the painted figures of the above whilst I'm waiting for production moulds and stock to come
This just shows one each of the range some individual shots are on the other blog.
Can't wait to get a full unit painted to take the field in Albion!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Don Featherstone

TMP is carrying a report that Don Featherstone has passed away.  Like many Don was an inspiration to me and I still have many of his books on my shelves .
I had the pleasure of playing Talavera with him some years ago with Duncan MacFarlane, Danny Boreham and others using the Eagle Bearer computer rules.
A true gentleman who was extremely entertaining. He will be greatly missed.