Monday, 30 September 2013

Christmas comes early.

See what the postie brought today----
This book is absolutely worth every single penny, quality, production is first class and the contents, what you want to see? Well you can't at least not just yet.
This is truly a labour of love, crammed full of content and pictures of John's excellent collection this is a book that warrants sitting down in a quiet corner with a large malt whiskey and savoring both the contents of glass and book simultaneously.

When I've had a good look I will post a little more, in the mean time if John has nay left (limited run of 500) I suggest you find a way to treat yourself.

Head over to
and order one.


  1. Evening Graham,
    So you succumbed, well I have yet to collect my copy yet from the sorting office, so please dont open the book up until I get my copy. We can then compare notes.
    Thanks Robbie

    1. I think this is the best purchase I have made for a long time. It will give me the motivation to press on harder with my Minden and my own figures

  2. I can only assume that the parcel I have to collect from my local post office (I was out when the delivery arrived) is my copy. Hope so, really looking forward to it.

    1. I hope so to, its big and heavy and and is a tome and half. Please dont read in bed- dont know what damage it would do if you fell asleep whilst reading!