Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Military Gentleman part deux!

Well as suggested, last night I settled down in the arm chair with a large glass of malt and started to have a more detailed look at the book.
Have my initial thoughts been dampened? Not likely they have been reinforced.
In preparing this book John has pulled together a team of professionals;-
Bob Marrion who has provided a significant number of illustrations.
Brian Rigelsford  who has illustrated large portions of the book with his wonderful ink drawings.
Tim Hall who wrote up the memoirs.
To name but three.
The book is essentially a telling of the story of Nicolas Welch and is based upon his memoirs the finding of which is a tale in itself.
Of course to follow this interesting tale the book is profusely illustrated with photos from Johns collection and what a collection (sigh).

Hope John doesn't mind but here's two pics to whet your appetite.
My 18th. Century bug is well and truly bitten.
So tonight guess what I will be doing? The malt is ready....

 Now I can say no more except I dont care what Santa brings me now, if anything - nothing can better this.

Time for a sip!


  1. thanks for the little preview, I have one of these books on order, now having seen a small sample of its delights I'm looking forward to it's arrival

    -- Allan

    -- Allan

    1. I know it's not cheap but you will not be disappointed I promise

  2. I got mine today!
    So even though I dont drink malt, I'm certain I will enjoy the experience.
    Thanks Robbie

    1. Aaah you're missing out it assists in creating that warm mellow feeling :)

  3. I will be accompanying mine with port to get the mellow feeling