Thursday 23 December 2021

Last Post of the year

 Well with only a couple of days to go before Christmas descends I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wish that 2022 brings us all better times.

Another quiet one is scheduled for us as the kids are either working or choosing to spend Christmas Day at home - the Covid onslaught still causing so much disruption to life.

Still our pooch I’m sure will enjoy the day and sends her Christmas greetings to.

I’m still feeling after effects of Covid with poor sleep and poor concentration but I’m guessing that’s just something that will improve with time! Usually I set out plans and projects but with the exception of desperately wanting to finish the Culloden project, which was the whole purpose of creating Crann Tara miniatures, then I’m finding it difficult to focus on the other things. Sitting in the wings is WAB 2, Epic Napoleonic and some FIW. Leigh has been painting my 15mm ACW and ECW both of which should be completed by summer so at the moment it’s just going with the flow.

Take care and see you all in 2022.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Off the bench

 As Christmas looms closer I’ve been spending most of my hours repairing the damage the storm caused the other week, fence is replaced, groundworks tidied a list of what’s required in the Spring and most things back where they belong! 

It has meant little time for painting etc.although today I managed to clear some space on the workbench by finishing the basing on a number of figures, cleared two units of epic ACW in addition finished the basing on some PP ACW Lee had painted for me, as always he’s done a great job. Particularly on the Berdans which are now my favourite unit 😁

In addition I almost finished  painting some more of Warlord Games epic British cavalry my take on the Union Brigade for DBN. I have to say they are great little figures and quick to paint.

I do aim to get another post in before Christmas with a brief look back and forward projects, thoughts etc.and before closing I see the Warlords have cancelled Salute for 2022! I will maybe make further comment on this next time, so it will be interesting! To see what happens to the other ‘early’ shows next year.
Take care.