Sunday 23 February 2020

Back to the printer

i haven't really done any printing on the Prusa for a while so this week has been a bit of a full on event.
I finished the barracks for the Vauban - this guy is big and I've printed at 90% of normal ! There are also som extension pieces ( stables etc ) that I aim to do.

I think I need to get the rest of the fortress finished!
I've also been printing some 15mm ACW stuff for my sons forthcoming visit in March I've done a couple of farms and barns, stone walls but this weekend thought I'd do a covered bridge. - not finished yet still printing the roof but I think it's going to look pretty good.

In between all this been painting mote Highlanders! But the Mowhawks arrive next week and I feel a diversion coming on 🤣

Saturday 15 February 2020

French Indian War

Some great progress on this front has been made. Jim in his Fife and Drum range commissioned Richard to do Mohawks for the AWI Saratoga campaign, these chaps will also serve for the FIW and I will be stocking them.
As a result Richard focused on doing Huron’s for me they will be finished for me this weekend ( photos show the Huron’s still needing work on the leggings)
Both of these sets should be available by the end of March and I have started putting some pre.order offers on the web site.
Next up will be the Rangers and a few Provincials.
First up the Mohawks

Then the almost complete Huron’s 

Finally the remainder of the charging French Regulars

Exciting times 

Thursday 6 February 2020

Off the bench

Whilst I'm printing some 40mm Napoleonic Naval gunners for Ian Smith I've taken the opportunity to base up some figures ( don't like to work in the same room as the resin printer fumes aren't pleasant)
So I've based up the first of what will be my Dutch contingent for the WAS - I've used the generic Musketeer from my range and converted a couple of figures for command and will get some cast.
Steve Allen did me proud in painting up some of the new French Marines for the French Indian War so these with the forthcoming Mohicans and Hurons will start to set me up nicely for second edition Musket and Tomahawks