Monday 21 May 2018


I've mentioned before that I've been attending the Newark show since it started!!! and was held in a sports hall. I've been doing demo games there for almost as long and whilst the Teesside Triumvirate is no more I still feel the desire to put a game on.
Hence this year was a bit of a game to promote the figure range - even more strange as I was doing it on my own!!!

The show itself, as far as I'm concerned has never ceased to be one of the best shows in the wargames callender - the quality of the games is always high and the atmosphere always friendly. Since the move from Kelham the event has just got better and better.

So first here's some of the pics I managed to take before the doors opened - some people were still setting up so I apologise if I missed you out
Hopefully the header photo describes the game following if I've got it right.!

As for my game 'The Retreat' a what if based on the retreat of the Jacobite army from Derby. The Jacobite army was split into two columns - one of which contained their artillery - more than once the Government 'flying column' came within hours of catching one of the columns.

So the game was set with the Jacobite artillery column heading to cross a small river, a brigade of Lowlanders and a brigade of Highlanders together with Pitsligo's horse and Baggots Hussars accompanied the guns.

A unit of Government Militia had been mobilised with orders to destroy the bridge in the are and a squadron of Dragoons had also managed to get ahead of the Jacobites and garrison a small building complex near a ford.

The game played well with the Government militia getting the best of the Manchester foot but the dragoons were forced out by Lowlanders and despite the Georgia Rangers besting the Hussars they couldn't press home any adavntage the result was just as the Government main column arrived a unit of Highlanders managed to break the Government militia and the artillery was escorted to safety.

I used Charles Grant's 'The Wargame' with the amendments we made in 2015 for smaller units etc and I was also trying out my amendments to represent the Highlanders etc and all seemed to work rather well.

Lots of talking to old friends and to people interested in the figures and the mat - ( maybe I should stop selling figures and just farm Teddy Bear fur mats :)

Wednesday 16 May 2018

28mm Seleucid Army for sale

Now I haven't counted this little lot but theres 4-500 infantry around 50 cavalry and elephants chariots etc.
Of course a load of unpainted as well
If someone is genuinely interested to acquire get in touch and I will do a detailed count. If they were to go as an army would be looking for around £3 infantry £5 cavalry and £15 for the elephants.
Just message me if you're interested.

A few more pics. I will take better ones of units etc next week with the camera.

Books for sale

Carrying on the slow clear out of surplus stuff.
Before I advertise check out the below pics if anyone wants anything just message me with a fair offer and its yours. I shall charge postage at cost.

Tuesday 15 May 2018

More Troops for Partizan

Well with Partizan this Sunday I have just about finished the planned figures.
A bit of tidying up to do but the Georgia Rangers, Lord George Murray, Highland Officer and artillery train are effectively all done :)

Just got the hand out to do and prepare a small display area of some of the Crann Tara range.
If you're going pop by and say hello