Tuesday, 15 May 2018

More Troops for Partizan

Well with Partizan this Sunday I have just about finished the planned figures.
A bit of tidying up to do but the Georgia Rangers, Lord George Murray, Highland Officer and artillery train are effectively all done :)

Just got the hand out to do and prepare a small display area of some of the Crann Tara range.
If you're going pop by and say hello


  1. Looking forward to seeing the game in the flesh. And catching up of course.

  2. Superb - these really are very nice. Have a good trip. Did you get to Carronade this year? - I couldn't go.

    1. Carronade was really enjoyable - what little I saw of it! 😀 Next year going to make a full weekend of it. Pity you couldn't get there

  3. Looking forward to seeing the game.