Monday 19 October 2009

Its not a lot but its progress

Well although work has been getting in the way I did manage to make a bit of a push and get the first 12 figures of my Regiment de Nuilley completed, even with enough motivation left to undercoat the next 12. I would like to think that I can get two regiments of foot for each army, together with some lights and artillery completed by Christmas.

For me that may be a tall order but if I aim high enough we may get somewhere. The figures are Minden miniatures French and once the painting style was sorted I have to admit compared to the English they are a breeze to paint and thats why I'm fairly confident of getting the Grand Duchy troops completed fairly quickly.

Further more detailed work on the maps and characters are under way so at least when the troops start marching a lot of the background will be completed.

Onwards and upwards.

Tuesday 29 September 2009

That's life

Well where did September go. I had an excellent weeks 'bunker busting' in Normandy at the end of August and since then time has evaporated. Business demands has called me away from home on average 2 - 3 days per week this month which isn't the norm. Hence things have slowed down.
I have my first 12 'French'/ Duchy of Comyn infantry almost complete and hope to have them on the blog in the next few days.
Hopefully October will be kinder and I can pick up speed on the project.

Monday 24 August 2009

Talisker Foot almost finished

It's been a rather hectic couple of weeks, came back from the 'Peak District' on Sunday having had a bit of a walking hol with my lovely wife and then tomorrow off to France with some of my colleagues on a 'bunker busting' week. We're based in Arromanche having rented Colin Rumfords bungalow (details on the Rapid Fire web site).

Also I signed up to help with Towton 2011, the aim to refight Towton with 25000 6mm figs the link tells it all. However in the mean time I've managed to press on with the Talisker boys and am almost there.

Finishing touches on the Colonel and the bases of half the Regiment, I've also printed off the Standards and now need to paint over them! but its progress and I didn't want to remain silent for too long.

Monday 10 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

For those that have asked please find above a very simple map of Scotia Albion, detailed areas will follow as the story develops and hopefully armies come to play. But at least it starts to indicate the areas of this land and its enemies. In terms of armies all Regiments are based on those outlined by Charles Grant i.e infantry will be 48 ORs with 3 Officers, 3 drummers, standards and a Mtd Colonel. Its also my intention to use the rules published in the Wargame with one or two minor revisions along the way.
As to progress the Talisker Foot command is on the bench and under way.

Thursday 6 August 2009

The Grande Duchy

First many thanks to those individuals who have left encouraging comments. Whilst the painting continues, I hope to start the Talisker command this weekend I thought it may be useful to provide a brief outline of the Grande Duchy of Comyn.

The Duchy is joined to the mainland of Scotia Albion by a neck of land some 50 miles wide, over the centuries the nations have been at war with each other this region has suffered the most, it is subject to an almost constant state of raids and counter raids and whilst Scotia Albion has started to build small fortifications at strategic points along the border no one really expects them to prevent any determined foe.

The Duke, Charles de Comyn has governed the region for the last 5 years, this was following the death of his father at the battle of St. Edouard. A major action in defence of Edouard island following the invasion by the armies of Scotia Albion.

Due to the severity of the defeat Charles has been unable to launch any strong offensive against his enemy or indeed contemplate any form of attempt to retake the island, that is until now.

His Minister of War Phillipe d'Olley has produced a plan which would allow the Duke to regain his glory and his Island. Phillipe, on behalf of the Duke, has managed to secure the support of the King who has promised to send a Regiment of Guard Horse and a Regiment Of Foot to supplement the army.

Head of Intelligence Barrie d'Ilton has sent spies deep into Scoti-Albion with the intent of causing dissent and spreading rumour. One particular success is in the Highlands of Scotia where they have managed to encourage a number of Clan Chieftans to talk of independence, this has gone further where it is suggested that the young Prince Charles has been having secret conversations with these Chieftans and is warming to the suggestion of being the ruler of an independent province.

The Duke hopes that he can create a diversion with a strong raid into Scotia-Albion, this to coincide with an uprising in the Highlands, at the same time being aware of the superiority of the Scotia Albion fleet he would aim to land the main army on Edouard Island and retake the Island in a swift and decisive campaign.

Like all plans it sounds good, now was the time to raise the forces and bring that fat King to his knees.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

First Unit Under Way.

I will have to paint the figures for both sides, therefore I will alternate betwen the countries and my first milestone wil be to raise forces to refight Charles Grants 'Sawmill Village'

The first unit nearing completion is Scotia Albions 'Talisker Foote' I'm on with the last eight line troops and then the command will follow.

Hope people like them.


A little insight into Scotia Albion and my thoughts of how this idea will develop. I based the country on Nova Scotia and its arch enemy the Grand Ducy of Comyn in New Brunswick.
Scotia Albion is ruled by King George or as he is known to many Fat King George, he is supported by his three sons Princes Charles, Edward and Stuart.
To the South of the Island lay the Mountains and Highlands occupied by an unruly Clans of Highlanders, however they have taken a shine to Prince Charles and he governs the province.
Prince Edward is now the Governor of Edward Islander after he led a successful invasion taking the island from their enemies. Prince Stuart prefers to stay at home and play Politics.
Other characters that will be introduced will be Brigadier Maxwell and his notorious 'Black Watch'.
Blakeney - Edwards the Lord who beacme a pauper, the pauper who became a chef and the Chef who became a General.
The redoubtable General MacLean, Siege Engineer supreme.
More on theeir enemies later.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Go Live

Well after much trial and tribulation I decided to dip my toe in the water and start the blog.
I've followed the Emperor and Elector for some time and all its associated links and that has dragged me back into the 18th Century.

The revived interest in Charles Grants Charge meant a return to my roots of gaming and the wonderful Minden Miniatures meant that I could collect an army in 'classic' poses. So the project has begun.

The fictitious country of Scotia Albion and its arch rivals from The Grand Duchy of Comyn are about to continue their long struggle for dominence.

Over the coming weeks I shall fill in the Historical background, outline some of the characters I've invented and hopefully report on the painting progress , which does go in fits and starts.