Monday 10 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

For those that have asked please find above a very simple map of Scotia Albion, detailed areas will follow as the story develops and hopefully armies come to play. But at least it starts to indicate the areas of this land and its enemies. In terms of armies all Regiments are based on those outlined by Charles Grant i.e infantry will be 48 ORs with 3 Officers, 3 drummers, standards and a Mtd Colonel. Its also my intention to use the rules published in the Wargame with one or two minor revisions along the way.
As to progress the Talisker Foot command is on the bench and under way.


abdul666 said...

Staying tuned for future developments!
Do you use artillery templates? That's the only point where I feel Young's rules more convenient -and fully consistent with the treatment of musketry.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Thanks for the map. Just to let you know, there are a few other "North American" imagi-Nations. Some are south of you and (I think) two are on the west coast.

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Ah, an image to go with the story! Excellent to see, and I'll keep an eye out for the updates to come.


Phil said...

Splendid stuff Graham.
Have you got Lee involved aswell? He was always a sucker for the old school large battalions!
Looking forward to seeing the Talisker battalion finished, the first of many huge units. There are enough whisky names to keep you going for some time!
Best regards

Lentulus said...

May I ask (as a resident of the territory in a more mundane reality) how you settled on the location of Scotia Albion? A good place for it, in truth, but I am curious.