Wednesday 14 September 2022

I didn’t see that coming! And off the bench

 Well before I start on what’s been progressing on the painting front I’ve been a bit blindsided by real life.

I’ve suffered from IBS for a lot of years and during flare ups know pretty much how to deal and return to normality. A few months ago a flare up occurred and no matter what I’d did it didn’t seem to get better and despite my reassurances to my wife that it would sort itself out it didn’t and she brow beat me into to going to Drs. To cut a long story short I have been diagnosed with colorectal  cancer, I won’t bore you with details etc but following all the tests etc the specialist is pretty certain it hasn’t spread and I’m just waiting for a date for the operation - hopefully within next three weeks. 

It was a bit of a blow and a shock but after the headless chicken moment it is what it is and will be dealt with. I’ve had great support from the James Cook Hospital staff and from friends who have been told. Special thanks to Chris Gregg for some straight forward no messing advice which came just at the right time 😁

So based on the assumption I can’t do much for 6-8weeks following the op I will be spending this weekend prepping figures for painting, basing etc in the belief that I will be able to do something 😁

Onto the progress reports of the bench - first up are the first two demibrigades of French for my 1796-1800 project. I’m taking some liberties with uniforms etc to cover the period. I’m mainly using Elite miniatures, which have been fun to paint, but some Eureka minis will make their appearance. So the 92nd and 99th regiments are done. Cloth flags from Maverick models.

I still haven’t decided if I should Matt these down or leave them shiny - a decision for the future.

The battalions are designed for use with the Soldiers of Napoleon rules but I can ‘go large’ if necessary.

In addition slow progress on the 40mm rebasing, mainly due to the shock news, but the first French battalion is done

I will get another couple of units unbased and ready for rebasing when I’m home from hospital.

So if service is interrupted anymore than normal don’t worry.

Take care everyone.