Wednesday 15 September 2021

Hodges Scout

 I have previously mentioned this book before

It’s extremely well written and a thoroughly enjoyable read, giving a great insight into the lives these men had on the campaigns in Canada and how they fought. The examination of the Scout is really good and is a bit of detective story piecing together the differing accounts and trying to tie that in with the evidence is engaging.
So much so that I decided to turn this into a solo game and write it up for submission to the forthcoming Wargames Annual.

Using Musket and Tomahawks second edition I made up some simple rules for the arrival of the natives and Canadian militia, together with a simple mechanism for their actions.

The game played well and even though on this occasion the result was pretty historical there are opportunities ( albeit slim 😁) for Hodges to win.

Anyway here’s a few photos of the game. 
The miniatures are mainly Crann Tara with a few Minden. The mat is from Geek Villain, lake, lake shore and forest floor from barrage miniatures, trees Last Valley.

Thursday 2 September 2021

A private enterprise

 The sale of Crann Tara has given me the opportunity to review and consider what I want to do with my 18th century collection. The 30mm flat project gains pace and is focused solely on the Austrians and Prussians but I think I would like those armies to add to my collection.

Hence I have commissioned Bob Souter (eBob miniatures) to make me some Prussians and Austrians the first few figures can be seen below. Some of the pieces have separate hats in order that I can make different pieces.

First up is the line up of Prussian and Austrians standard bearers and drummers all have separate hats so don’t take too much notice of who is wearing what

The first pair of Grenzers - an Officer and skirmishers are under way
Austrian musketeer

Prussian Grenadier

The figures will not be for general retail I’m afraid, however I would consider one or two private partners if anyone else wanted to help invest in getting more figures sculpted and bought at cost. But again that would be on the understanding anything made would not be for general sale.  I currently have a list of what else  I want doing - artillery crews ( waistcoated working crews?) and the Dragoons/Cuirassiers . Other bits and pieces I’m not contemplating at present as it’s most probably cheaper to buy them from elsewhere.