Monday 24 May 2021

Workbench Part 2

 Just a quick update after a productive weekend, reinforcements for the French Indian Wars have started being based, more militia and 2nd battalion Regiment Cambis - standards by Flags of War I just need to paint the edges 😁

Undercoated the next battalion of British Infantry - thought I’d give them a colonel in overcoat 😃

I did a little more on the Caballero miniatures resin figure and start the base - it’s a very nice piece and really shows what can be done with 3D printing.

Floating around in the background some 10mm AWI and 40mm Spanish, they’ve been claiming squatters rights for a while now so in between painting the British I will get these finished and moved on.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Workbench Saturday

 Trying to get bits and pieces sorted and off the bench at the moment so today saw 50 highlanders bases finished - standard still to be issued.

(Sorry for the quality of the photos - poor light today)

I also pressed on doing a few conversions, managed to get the Ranger crew for the Bateaux 95% done, the French cavalry for the FIW and Swedish infantry are progressing well and tomorrow hope to finish them and do the French Marines for the bateaux 

I also undercoated a figure from Caballero Miniatures, I got a few of these for no reason other than they are wonderful sculpts and are resin printed. Unfortunately I had to sell my resin printer due to bad reactions to the resin, cleaning fluids and fumes - even with PPE! 

The pieces were printed for me by Georgios Galazoulas in Greece who holds a licence for the figures and is also a very talented painter.

I will slide the pole of the standard down to touch the base, the other pieces I will assemble and show next post, they are excellent.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

More Saxons to the fore

 The Graf Rutowsky Cheveaux Legers are now completed and are ready to join my Saxon army.

Also finished basing a Saxon general and gave him a spare standard bearer just need to sort a standard.

Really like the red with black facings. I need at least two more regiments of Cuirassiers now for the Saxons and more infantry. However it’s back to the Culloden project and next up is Kingston’s Horse.

Whilst talking Jacobite rebellion I just received this in the post 

Bearing in mind there were 10 sieges and numerous small actions there is a lot more to the Jacobite rebellion than just the three battles constantly discussed. Really looking forward to reading this and getting more ideas for games.

Keep safe everyone.