Tuesday 6 August 2019

Workbench update

Sorry for the short break - real life got in the way I'm afraid.
That doesn't mean to say I've been idle though - the Vauban continues to grow, 2 bastions done and work has started on walls.

I also did a couple of 15mm buildings for a game the other Sunday, the ruined chateau is only base coated hope to finish that next week
I won't mention the 'fairy' doors my wife has got me to print for the grandkids!!
On the painting front more horses, Highlanders and 15mm Ancients are all work in progress.
Finally had to say good bye to our last dog 😪 Poppy was 13 and was primarily my wife's dog I was there for the walks and feeding although later in life I found she liked coming with me to the local pub.
A character she will be missed