Monday 13 June 2016

AMG 16 Weekend Event

Well after almost a year of planning the AMG16 event took place at the Chesford Grange Hotel near Kenilworth.
21 members of the A Military Gentleman forum attended this event and in the end four games each played on a 12x6 were presented of which I managed to play 3 in the two days.

I had taken my figures and terrain down as had William Harley with the intention of putting on a small game if necessary, but some members had asked if the could bring figures etc down to swap/sell and I also took books, uniform plates etc. from the collection of the late Bob Marrion in order to raise money for his widow so spare table space was put to good use.

Before saying more about AMG etc. here's some pictures of the games I took part in. First up the Sudan - arranged by Dave Docherty ( one man and his brushes) all the figures, terrain etc were painted/made by him. Using the Sands of the Sudan rules which are effectively Peter Gilders rules from the Holiday centre a cracking game in which the slow adavnce of the relief column forced me to abandon the small fort and move towards the column as my ammunition was getting very low due to the incessant attacks by the enemy

 By the time I made a break for it the Relief Column was still only half way up the table ! The Generals daughter on her racing camel was getting ready to run for it

The final game I played was the Battle of Chotusitz using Steve Metheringham and Mark Dudley's 40mm Prince August figures. Steve had brought some of the new figures along and if I didn't have my own range then these home casts would have been the way to go.
We used Piquet - Field of Battle and they were enjoyable. Poor Frederick was heavily defeated, largely in part to Dave Hall's inability to throw a reasonable dice result when called upon - his cavalry went down to a ferocious attack by Angus Konstam's Austrian cavalry and then he failed to inflict any serious casualties with his first volley from the Prussian reinforcements - not reccomended

Finally Colin Ashton ( Carryings on up the dales) and Robbie Rodiss ( The Independent Wargames Group) hosted the Battle of Soor using their excellent collection of figures and using Honour of War rules.

Good food, good drink, good gaming and good company what more could you ask for. Thanks gents.
I know John Ray still has a handful of the A Military Gentleman books left. The book effectively buys you admission to the forum but in order to remain you must participate and contribute - no wallflowers on here. Think about it you wont be disappointed.