Monday, 24 August 2009

Talisker Foot almost finished

It's been a rather hectic couple of weeks, came back from the 'Peak District' on Sunday having had a bit of a walking hol with my lovely wife and then tomorrow off to France with some of my colleagues on a 'bunker busting' week. We're based in Arromanche having rented Colin Rumfords bungalow (details on the Rapid Fire web site).

Also I signed up to help with Towton 2011, the aim to refight Towton with 25000 6mm figs the link tells it all. However in the mean time I've managed to press on with the Talisker boys and am almost there.

Finishing touches on the Colonel and the bases of half the Regiment, I've also printed off the Standards and now need to paint over them! but its progress and I didn't want to remain silent for too long.


  1. A very smart-looking unit indeed . . . and very well painted, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Indeed, VERY nicely done. I look forward to more pictures of your work. - Mike

  3. Excellent work - this lot will be a daunting presence on any tabletop!


  4. Gorgeous looking unit, love the flags

    -- Allan

  5. I agree, impressive bit of work ...
    48 figure units, sounds like you'd be ready for any B.A.R. games which may happen too ...
    Am I mistaken, or does Scotia Albion bear a distinct resemblance to NewFoundLand?

  6. Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden sends congratulations on the raising of this unit. They look a magnificent body of troops. Are they earmarked for the tumult of combat in any chosen theatre?