Thursday, 6 February 2020

Off the bench

Whilst I'm printing some 40mm Napoleonic Naval gunners for Ian Smith I've taken the opportunity to base up some figures ( don't like to work in the same room as the resin printer fumes aren't pleasant)
So I've based up the first of what will be my Dutch contingent for the WAS - I've used the generic Musketeer from my range and converted a couple of figures for command and will get some cast.
Steve Allen did me proud in painting up some of the new French Marines for the French Indian War so these with the forthcoming Mohicans and Hurons will start to set me up nicely for second edition Musket and Tomahawks


  1. Very nice unit of Dutch Graham, best of luck with the flags.

  2. Very nice Graham, love those tall slender castings.

  3. The Dutch look good but I love those frenchies in their capotes!

  4. They look excellent. Hope you get the flags you need.

  5. Very nice Graham...
    I am interested to see what the flags will look like...

    All the best. Aly