Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Update a Month of Scots

Up until June I have been faithfull to my project list. With Crann Tara I have had to deviate slightly and June saw me painting figures to sell and finishing off bits and pieces.
Still I managed to complete 106 paint points!
This included some WWII Italians, AK47, Saga Scots ( pics next week as I hope to sell these),
some more of my Highlanders (pics on the Crann Tara Blog) and last but by no means least I finished of my unit of Scots from Claymore castings, such nice figures.
I painted Sir John Haliburton (spot the mistake), Sir John Edmonstone and a couple of well equipped retainers.
So first unit done.

They are nice figures, next up some archers. But the priority this monthis to finish the Light Infantry and paint some Highlanders in Jackets.

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