Friday, 9 March 2012

Jacobites are coming!

No pictures for this update but I am to say the least excited, as you know my imaginations have an area populated by the highland clans, I have been in talks with Richard Ansell the sculptor of Minden Miniatures, the figures I use for my armies, and he has agreed to sculpt some Highlanders for me suitable for the Jacobite rebellions.
Early days yet but Im hopeful the first set of scuplts will be under way this month.
As with many things progress may be slow based on cash flow but I'm looking at getting 6 original figures in the first set. Watch this space for progress.


  1. No there's a coincidence - i've been thinking about the 45 rebellion and the lack of decent (i.e look at least vaguely human) figures. Tempting... Good luck with the venture.

  2. Always good to have some Highlanders in one's armies.

  3. Thanks for the comments and support, if all goes well I will be offering the figures for sale similar to Frank at Minden.
    It's not cheap getting the figures made but in the mean time it's back to the garage to rationalise the lead mountain a bit more.

  4. I am glad to hear that you are embarking on this project, because I was having the same thoughts, so you've just saved me a pile of money. :)

    (of course, I'll continue to invest it in more AWI figures)

    P.S. Use Griffin Designs for your mould making and castings - it will save you a lot of time and angst in the long term. I truly believe that Griffins is the only caster capable of doing justice to Richard's wonderful sculpts.

    Jim (DAF)

    1. Many thanks for the advice, I have already e.mailed griffin to get costs wtc.
      If your still looking for help in distributing your AWI in the UK I'm willing to offer services, you can pm me if you wish. Otherwise no problem and I will look forward to getting the sculpts.
      Your AWI are first class but with just over 2000 already painted I don't know if I could face starting again!