Monday 11 December 2023

Return to Gettysburg - With Hot Lead and Cold Steel


These rules were released a short while ago and promise a fast play Brigade - Corps level game and reflect the tactics etc of the ACW. 

I bought my copy through Amazon and whilst my current preferred set of rules are Bonnie Blue Flag being a typical wargamer how could I not resist trying a shiny new set.

So I’m keen to try these and have decided to revert to my favoured scenario for rules testing. Heth’s attack on the first day of Gettysburg.

The terrain is set, the troops will March into position tomorrow and battle will commence.

I will discuss the rule principles and how they play as I report on the refight.

 As an aside the Author Arthur van der Ster has a face book page dedicated to the rules where he is very forthcoming in discussing the rules, why he chose some of the mechanisms he has used etc. I have found it very useful.

So more to come shortly….


Jonathan Freitag said...

Looking forward to battle and your rules’ assessment.

Norm said...

Looking forward to both the action (one of my fave ACW actions) and an appraisal of the rules - I have got rid of all of my blue book rules ….. will these invite me back in? :-)

tradgardmastare said...

We have started using them and are finding them much to our taste. The Facebook page is most useful indeed.
Alan Tradgardland

Independentwargamesgroup said...

Ive fought with these rules, three times now Graham. Ive really enjoyed them. They are not too complicated and offer up a decent amount of friction. I think you may enjoy them.

StuartInsch said...

Fine looking table sir. Look forward to reading of the game.

Tiberian general said...

Excellent ACW eye candy Graham, thanks for sharing.