Monday 11 December 2023

Time to play catch up. - Battleground Show and Hordes of the the Things

 Time seems to have slipped by these last few weeks, what with child minding and quite a few hospital appointments time to sit and write up hobby things just seems to have evaporated.

The end of November was pretty good the 25th November saw the local Battleground show at Stockton. Leon from Pendraken miniatures has worked hard over the last ten years to make this show a success and indeed it has gone from strength to strength with free admission talks by local historians etc the show punches above its weight, a good mix of traders this year an excellent selection of games and from what I am told over 700 visitors, the most through the door ever. I really hope more of the Northern gaming fraternity support the show and see it continue to develop.

My day was excellent, I actually left just after lunch with very little product but met a lot of colleagues and associates and it was so good to talk and catch up. Next year I will spend money.! As time has passed I shall just throw down here photos of the games that caught my eye, for those that I missed I apologise, my son who accompanied me even said that if he’s off next year he would like to spend the day there, I won’t argue with that.

So onto the games

The following day saw me attend the annual Hordes of the Things tournament this used to be part of the International Good, Bad and Ugly event but as the organiser retired we now just meet up for a grand day out. There were supposed to be 8 of us but unfortunately we were reduced to 6 and me and my Copplestone Picts found themselves on the Bad side. ! After 3 games I found myself winning the tournament. All my games were fast ( for some reason) and whilst I lost the last game I scored more than the victor due to the casualties inflicted. The tournament was actually

 tied but over the three rounds I had suffered no casualties so the points against went in my favour.

These Copplestone 15’s are excellent, I have quite a few pieces from the range it’s just a pity he never completed the project.

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Independentwargamesgroup said...

Good to see you briefly Graham. I did enjoy the day, although I didn't buy very much. Keep pottering on.