Wednesday 28 March 2018

A little bit more rationalisation

I returned on Sunday from a most excellent weekend at Charles Grant fighting the Battle of Warburg my opponent being John Dougan.
Now of course I forgot my camera so I can't tease you with what an excellent game it was, sufficient to say it keeps the 18th century flame burning bright.

As a result I've decided to shelve some more projects and get rid.
First up is some of the excllent Claymore castings - I started this as a Lion Rampant army - haven't finished it and bought enough figures for about 4 armies!!!

I haven't sorted the unpainted out but I have a Schiltron and some Islemen decently painted.
If any one is interested let me know before they go on ebay at the weekend

There's 42 figures in the schiltron - £150 including UK postage and 11 Islemen £45 incl. UK postage
Overseas postage is at cost.
On the painting front things have slowed down as preparation for Salute takes priority.

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