Saturday 6 February 2021

Wofun miniatures - initial thoughts

 As I mentioned in my last post I was most pleased to receive a very, very early birthday present from my wife in the form of some 18mm Peninsular War figures from Wofun games. I’ve talked about Peter Dennis and his paper soldiers quite often and how I thought for those people who don’t like painting or want to try other periods without adding to the lead mountain then I felt it was a good solution. 

The Wofun pieces do one step further and produce a lot of Peter’s pieces on plexiglass, in both 18mm and 28mm.

I’m not going to do a full product review as I’m sure you will find some on YouTube. However first impressions are that the pieces come well packed and boxed, the artwork as you’d expect is great and it doesn’t take long before you can punch the pieces out and start basing. 

You don’t have to buy the pre.coloured pre.cut bases but I didn’t want to mess on

So this is a British unit as is based out the box. A few colleagues have already bought in to these, some use as they are others aren’t keen on the plexiglass edge and that it can reflect light. I wanted to try a couple of options, first I used some armypainter strong tone ink on a base and the one I plumped for was a brown Pigma brush pen.

So from left to right is untreated, pigma brush and army painter.

I also decided I didn’t like the gaps in the slots so a very thin coat of pva, sand and ink dry brush and I fell they got loads better.

The bottom photo is two bases of Dutch grenadiers to compare the effect of the edging.
You can buy British regiments in white cuffs allowing you to add colours for regiments they don’t do, likewise the French Dragoons all have white facings allowing you to create regiments as you wish.

Ok so what aren’t I keen on - the cannon (no photos yet) I’m not keen on the barrels but I’ve ordered some brass ones which are cheap to replace. Whilst you get French and British limber teams from what I can see you  only get a British limber! I may be wrong. But to be fair these are fairly minor quibble.

I’m definitely convinced that if the butterfly takes a hold again rather than invest in new metal I will be buying these chaps.

They will never replace 3d gaming figures for sure but they offer so many solutions they should be given serious consideration.


The Jolly Broom Man said...

I’ve been waiting for this post, and now I’ve read it I’m impatient for my own ECW set to arrive. The edge colouring certainly makes a world of difference. I’ll shall be shamelessly copying you! Not sure if you get any downloadable rules with your boys but I was surprised and quite pleased with the ECW ones that were part of my package.

Graham C said...

Snap, I’ve downloaded the rules, they look interesting. Any questions just shout.

Old Nick said...

Graham, what a great post! I have been most interested in these and enjoyed your informative post very much. I especially liked how you improved the stands and figures. While they will be not replace my miniatures I think these are a great alternative and way to get in to a period or try one out. I was not aware of the Peninsula period if these figures but am very tempted by them.

Three cheers to you and a tip of the hat for thus outstanding review. Many thanks to you for doing this and helping us all.

'Lee. said...

Hi Graham,

That is a very good review. The one thing that has bothered me seeing pics around the blog world has been that reflective edging but your 4th image with the treated edge makes a huge difference compared with the base beside it, spot on. I really liked Peter's Peninsular artwork at the time he was producing the book and almost ordered it but pulled back at the last moment. I can see they would very well on the Commands & Colors board to replace the blocks. Your basing also improves the look in my opinion.

can I ask how long they took to arrive after ordering?


Graham C said...

It was a month from ordering as I think they’re all printed to order but only three days from posting.

Donnie McGibbon said...

A very interesting review, I think you have the edge problem sorted, they look a lot better than the original. They are very tempting, I may just have to give them a go!!

Jonathan Freitag said...

The darkening of the edge makes a big change in the overall effect. Nice idea!

Danny Weitz said...

I'll take up your idea of darkening the edges with a pigma pen. I 3D print my own cannon; as for bases I like their line, but am starting to use custom made Litko plastic bases with double slots so I can use the earlier periods for DBA games.

Fuchsgeist said...

These look gorgeous! I now ordered the complete Peninsular War Pack in 18mm.