Saturday 15 August 2020

Lots of New Greens

 Richard Ansell just sent me photos of the next set of greens heading my way,

Civilian militia marching and skirmishing, female homesteaders fighting and some nice French regulars in turn back coats charging.


Independentwargamesgroup said...

Lovely Graham, as always.

Der Alte Fritz said...

As Robbie says, "lovely figures". I especially like the women and the militia marching in an informal manner. You need to add "Bucket Woman"!


Graham C said...

Bucket woman in next release ­čśü

Der Alte Fritz said...


Delta Coy said...

Great additions to the range Graham.

'Lee. said...

Richard is an incredibly talented sculptor Graham, those are amazing both in detail and poses.

Rohan said...

These look great, Graham, and I can see a "need" for them all in future orders!

Could I suggest some slight variation in right arm positioning with the marching militia? Rather than straight down by the side (as you might expect with well drilled regulars) perhaps some variation forward or backwards?

Cheers, Rohan.