Thursday 4 July 2013

A long awaited return to war

It has been a long time since the forces of Albion and the Duchy of Comyn did battle, however my close friend and gaming colleague Lee had asked for a game using the Charles Grant rules so how could I refuse.
It was an opportunity to give each side a regiment of Cavalry and in order to speed play along I randomly diced for deployment of forces after I had set the table.
The result was that Albion had deployed the 25th Foot, artillery and Gysburgh Hussars on the right flank and the Talisker foot with the Royal Albion lights on the left, a bold and dangerous tactic by Sir Harry Douglas.
The Duchy troops had the Regiment Grancy and the artillery on their left flank and the Regiment Nuilley, the Lapins light infantry and the Dukes Gendarmes in the centre leaving their right flank open.
The Albion troops on the right advance, artillery deployed to offer support.
 On the Albion left the Duchy troops hold a refused flank, The Royal Albions advance through the woods to seek out their enemy Les Lapins
 Sir Harry calls on his men to stand true as the Gysburgh Hussars cross their front to engage the enemy
 The Duchy Gendarmes are ordered to move to left flank in order to negate the Albion cavalry.

 The Albion troops advance on their right flank whilst the Duchy troops deploy artillery fire from both sides is ineffective
 Having emerged from the woods the Gendarmes and Hussars charge each other, like a knife through butter the Gendarmes cut the hussars to pieces, the hussars fail to inflict a single casualty and are broken. The Gendarmes rein in and rally and prepare to charge the Albion foot who are prpeared and waiting.
 The Gendarmes charge the Albion line fires, the smoke clears and not on casualty was caused on the charging horse!!! (highest dice score was a three!!!!!) The result was all too clear the line was ridden down and Sir Harry thought it wise to show his troops where to go!!!
 On the other flank the Albion troops pressed on Les Lapin got the worse of the engagement with the Albion foot at which point their officer spotted the Grancy Regiment marching towards them and saw Gendarmes forming on the road tho other side of the woods where the Albion artillery had now fallen silent.!!!
 A major defeat for the Albion forces and scouts are out looking for Sir Harry and his companion who's whereabouts are unknown. King George wants some answers!!!!

A cracking game despite the extremely poor dice throwing by me for the Albion forces.


abdul666 said...

"Long awaited" indeed ^-^ *Great* to read again of your Imagi-Nations - thanks for the eye-candy, and wishing for more.

Phil said...

Very nice report, great looking armies!