Tuesday 18 June 2013

A little bit of Progress

Sorry for the quietness being trying to catch up on the painting commissions and finish off the background for the next Musket and Tomahawk day on the 6th July. It will continue from the last day and will follow the same format i.e. 3 scenarios in the morning leading to a larger game in the afternoon. Should get all that completed by the weekend!

In between everything else I've painted some Provincial troops from the excellent Galloping Major range, these are a joy to paint.
I have another 10 on the painting table at the moment and will take some staged shots when completed.

Also planning layout for the Martians next year!!! want to use lighting and smoke effects on this so I have been browsing the railway model magazines and links for ideas.

Will be back soon
Chin chin

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Unknown said...

Looking forward to 6th July for that.