Tuesday 14 May 2013

Musket and Tomahawks Day - The Raid

As promised here's the second of the scenarios we played on the 4th May.
 Hope you like it.

Scenario 2 Raid.
The supply camp is situated in the small settlement of Serenity, some 5 miles from the new outpost at Forest Bay, it has been chosen as the main staging post for troops moving North and as a suitable location to assemble supplies etc for the troops.
With all the current activity the camp is garrisoned by some Provincial Infantry, a contingent of Rangers, some Colonial Milita and a few Mowhawks who seem to appear and disappear at will.
The camp consists of two wooden buildings and a number of tents one building is deployed near centre of the table and the other structures within 4” to 6” of this or another building/tent. 1/3 of the defenders non Colonial Militia are off table at the start, the remaining defenders must deploy within 4” of a building or tent. The reserves arrive if at the start of a turn a die is thrown and the score is equal to or lower than the current bound. They will arrive along the table edge opposite to that which the attackers deployed.
There is a small stream which runs across the centre of the table this is crossable but counts as very difficult terrain unless crossed at the bridge.
The French force must consist of at least 2/3rds Huron warriors and the balance Canadian Militia and are deployed within 6” of the Northern table edge.
This scenario is Raid and the French forces must seek to destroy the buildings and the tents within the camp. All the attacking force is considered to be equipped with burning torches.
In addition there are a number of ‘loot’ counters which the attacker may carry off, one figure carries one loot counter at half speed, two  figures carry one loot counter at full speed. The figure cannot shoot whilst carrying and if in melee the counter will be dropped.
The game ends when the French have been driven off or they have burnt/destroyed all the buildings. Bonuses are achieved by carrying off the loot.
Sub plots for one officer per side are in play.

Scenario 2.
French Forces
1 Indian Leader (Bloodthirsty) savage
3 units 6 Indians ( 1 unit bloodthirsty)
1 Canadian Officer
1 militia unit 6 figures.

British Forces. 

Provincial Officer
1 unit 8 Provincial Infantry
2 units of 6 Militia
Indian Leader
I unit 6 Indians.
1 unit of 8 Rangers

The Colonial Militia and Provincials man up anxiously looking for the Rangers and Mohawk Allies

 The Hurons and Canadian Militia appear from the woods, cross the stream and start their attack

 The Canadian Militia assault the handful of Colonial Militia following a viscious fire fight

 One cabin is on fire, the Provincials hold the flank against the Indians .
 In the nick of time Rangers arrive and start a counter attack.

 Mohawks appear (off picture) and start to force the Hurons back from the camp
 End game two of the three objectives on fire, but no additional supplies stolen and the French are forced to withdraw.

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Mike B said...

Looked like an exciting game. Such a great period. thanks for posy