Sunday 12 May 2013

Musket and Tomahawks day

Quite a few people have been asking me for more pictures and more detail of the games played on our Musket and Tomahawk day so I thought time permitting over the next few days I would give details of each scenario together with some more pictures kingly sent to me by the Galloping Major himself.
The games lent themselves to a lot of inspiration to the recent articles which appeared in Wargames Illustrated.

Scenario 1 – Wood Cutters.

This scenario takes place a mile or so from the main supply camp in a clearing being worked by colonial militia cutting suitable logs to build the emplacement for the artillery and a watch tower at Forest Bay. To support the militia are some Rangers who are currently scouting the surrounding area.
The Colonial camp is deployed within 8” of table centre and there are a number of barricades of cut logs surrounding the camp together with a couple of wagons, the militia deploy within the camp.
The Rescuers start off table and are in two groups.
The French & Hurons deploy in three groups on three table sides within 6” of the table edge.
Sub plots for one officer on each side are in play.
The militia need to hold out until the Rangers arrive and rescue them. If all the Rangers are killed before the rescue the militia the Colonials will surrender.
If the Colonial Militia surrender or flee before the Rangers arrive all they will find are the scalped bodies of those left behind.
Starting on turn 3 roll a D6 for the Rangers, on a 5 or a 6 they will arrive at the centre of two adjoining table edges.. If they fail to arrive throw again on turn 4, needing a 4, 5 or 6. On turn 5 a 3,4,5 or 6 and so on.
This scenario counts as Slaughter. 


Scenario 1
1 Canadian Officer
1 militia unit 8 figures
1 militia unit 6 figures
Huron Leader
1 Indian Unit 6 figures armed with musket

British Forces
Scenario 1
Ranger Officer with Rifle
2 units of 6 Rangers
Militia Officer
3 units of 5 militia 

The Colonial Militia are alerted as one of their number staggers from the woods shot! The Officer orders his man to stand to and pray the Rangers return shortly.

 Already under pressure from the Canadian Militia and their Indian Allies (superb dice throwing by Bob) the Colonials start to give ground and are forced back from cover.
 As the Colonials take casualties the French forces feel brave and strong enough to advance over the open ground to close in - still no Rangers!!

 The Colonials are driven from the camp and the following bound its all over as they are wiped out to a man.!!!!

Thoughts on this scenario - I should have let the British player roll for  the Rangers from bound one or two at the latest. In the first bound every card in the pack was played as the last event card was the last card in the deck and that put a lot of pressure on the British Player coupled with some excellent shooting from the French Player.
Graham who played the English did say that next time he would run for the woods on the one side the French didn't arrive. However that may not be so easy if hidden movement is used!! As both players were new to the system we didn't use that in this game.

I will hopefully upload the other scenarios and pictures this week.

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