Saturday 4 May 2013

Musket and Tomahawk day

I've been planning, painting and building for  this event at the gaming centre for some time. It also marked the attendance of Lance from Galloping Major and the centre starting to stock his figures.

A couple of issues of Wargames Illustrated had a good article on French Indian Wars and linked scenarios which I shamelessly worked on and adapted for Musket and Toamahawks.

The background for the day was as follows;

'1756 Fort William Henry  is complete and garrisoned by men of the 44th foot under the command of Lieutenant  Col William Eyre.
He has received instruction to push North and build a series of fortifications and artillery positions to threaten the French access and control of Lake George and establish a strong position for an attack on the French and prevent their completion of Fort Carrilon.
He has ordered Captain Cawkwell to take what Provincials he could muster together with a small contingent of Rangers and their Mowhawk allies to probe North. They have established a supply depot at Camp Serenity and have started to start build an artillery emplacement overlooking Forest Bay . Colonel Eyre has promised the support of a small contingent of regular infantry if they can be spared.
The French General Dieskau received report from his Indian scouts of the British movement North. As a result he ordered Colonel Depardieu to strike South with his Canadian Militia and Huron allies and to cause as much disruption as possible to prevent the British from achieving their objectives and to gain time For General Dieskau to prepare for a major counter attack at Oswego.'

In effect three linked scenarios which fed into a final game.

Some pics of the day;-
 The British Colonial Militia 'Woodcutters' being over run by the Canadian Militia and Indians, British Rangers failed to arrive!

 The attack on camp Serenity saw a bloody draw with the French only managing to destroy some British supplies and the British holding on by the skin of their teeth.
 The British Column forced their way through the dense forest to get the 6 pounder to Captain Cawkwell at Forest Bay on Lake George.
 The main French attack after initial success ground to a halt through casualties but not without causing the British major losses and setting back their advance North. All ready for another mini campaign.
A few pics of the Galloping Major figures - first class-


Bluebear Jeff said...

"The Courier" magazine, Vol. 8, issues 1-6 all have lots of F&I War information . . . it was their "Theme" that year.

They are available at Wargame Vault:

-- Jeff

Graham C said...

many thanks will check this out asap. Hope you are keeping well